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Quality in Home Care Agencies – Beyond Face Value

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Caregiver-WomanHome care for seniors has been proven as a categorically superior option compared to the care homes millions of seniors are transferred to every day across the US. Being cared for at home offers a myriad of psychological and comfort benefits that have been medically proven to improve and extend quality of life in seniors across the board.
However, with so many home care agencies on the market today offering their own take on such services, it has never been more crucially important to look beyond the façade and refuse to take thing for granted. When the health and happiness of a loved one is at stake, certain precautions must be taken and check carried out before allowing a senior home care worker anywhere near the client’s home.

For example, there are thousands of courses and studies that a senior home care professional can take as a means by which to improve their skills and authenticate their abilities. As such, it is essential to look into the kind of certification and qualifications they are in possession of before signing up.

Next up, be sure to check as to whether their background actually involves experience of home care for seniors and that they aren’t just looking to try something new for their own monetary gain. The very best level of care demands extensive knowledge and experience in the field, which brings the kind of peace of mind money alone cannot buy.

Any competent professional in the industry should be able to provide an abundance of genuine and authoritative references to back up their claims. What’s more, they should also be more than happy for you to contact the references in person and ask them any questions you like, rather than taking words on paper at face value.

And finally, never overlook the importance of contacting existing and past clients and customers of the care giver in order to get a good impression of how they perform in a real-world setting. Again, they should be ready and willing to help you in carrying out such checks.

Benefits of Elderly Home Care

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Male-Caregiver-wheelchairIt’s never easy when the time comes to consider either a care home or an elderly home care service to look after seniors, though it’s an inevitable part of life that most will have to go through eventually. However, over the course of time it has become apparent that the latter of the two offers a unique package of benefits that the care home simply cannot.

So for anyone looking to make the decision as to whether or not in home senior care fits the bill, consider the following benefits as a rough guideline:

One to One Care
Competent as it may be, never forget that in any given care home there may be dozens of other residents which are at all times under the supervision of a much smaller number of workers. This makes genuine one on one care extremely difficult at the best of times whereas in the case of in home senior care, all care offered is one to one with no other residents around.

And speaking of other residents, it can be hugely traumatic for any senior of any age to give up the privacy of their own home and move to another facility with so many other people around. Privacy is of crucial importance to both physical and mental health, which is why elderly home care represents the superior choice once again.

Familiar Environment
Next up, the familiarity of the home where the person or persons in question have lived for years can also make an enormous difference to their health and well being. It’s impossible to truly recreate the genuine home environment in a nursing home and thus for those with the best interests of their loved ones in mind, the home care service is the better option without question.

Family Visits
And finally, care homes the world over will almost always have their own set visiting hours and times when family and friends are not able to come. By contrast, the home care system allows for 100% freedom of choice in terms of who visits, when they visit and for how long – again of crucial importance for both health and happiness.

Some tips to deal with the hard tasks of being a caregiver

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As a caregiver, even if you are fully busy with the caring tasks you don´t have to forget about taking care of yourself every day . Follow this tips and yo will be happierand  a better caregiver  for your loved one.

Asking and Accepting Help

If you are feeling overwhelmed with caregiving do not be afraid to ask other people for help. Have a list wrote out of stuff that you feel comfortable having other people take care of. This list may include stuff such as chores, errands, meals or even letting you get some time to yourself while they care for your loved one for an hour.

You need to take breaks

You should  have some time to yourself daily.  At least an hour a day away gives the caregiver time to relax for a few. Practice your own hobbies, interests or exercise will let your mind recuperate.

Take respite Care

Having respite care is a must for caregivers. As a caregiver you need a few hours off every day or every few days to take care of you. Don´t worry about leaving your loved one with someone else, make a detailed chart detailing the schedule of what needs to be done and if any medications are needed.

Educate yourself

Learning about your loved ones condition and care can help relieve the stress of not knowing what is going to happen. Between doctors, books and online you should be able to find many resources explaining the situation going on and what to expect in the future.

Take care of your own health

Your health as a caregiver is very important to your happiness and your loved one’s well-being.  avoid being stressed  throughout the day.  Make sure you exercise regularly, eat properly and relax with social life.

Reward Yourself

You are an special been by handle the responsibility of  taking care of your loved one. When you reach one of your goals, dont hesitate to give yourself any kind of reward.


Infographics: The cost of elderly

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Very well done infographics about the costs of elderly care services in the world.