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The Need of a Senior Care Professional at Home

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Portrait of the elderly womanIn Home Senior care covers health care services that can be performed at the patient’s home by a professional health practitioner. Most in home senior care services are performed by part time nurses who provide health services like nursing, physical therapy and management of medical conditions or diseases for elderly patients in their own homes. It goes without saying that being in an environment that is warm and familiar like your own home can do wonders for a person’s health. The quality and amount of medical treatment one gets from an in home senior care service can enhance the healing process.

The advantage of caregivers at home is:

The patient gets more than just care, but emotional help too. The patient can gain his or her independence back sooner than someone who is confined to a hospital bed. Senior care at home allows patients to get more involved in their own recovery than what a hospital would allow.

Senior care at home includes more than just nursing services but includes medical social work, physiotherapy and any other therapies that are prescribed for patients. In home senior care where nursing is primary, tasks like IV drips, caring for wounds and more technical health services is more involved. The family can get involved in the care of the elderly person when he or she is sick.

Having a medically trained person can help the family understand what is going on with the elderly patient to render support and treatment; it can also allow people to have a handle on the financial aspects of medical treatments.

For families with a caregiver, basic activities that happen around a sick elderly person like changing bed sheets, sponge baths, cooking the right foods are handled much better.

With in home senior care, no one has to interrupt their lives to take care of a sick elderly person; the family can be close to the patient and enjoy whatever time they get in the safety of their home.

Taking care of someone who is sick and elderly at home by yourself can be emotionally draining even if you have the right qualifications to do so. That little bit of stress will build up over time because the elderly tend to get sicker more often than most people. It is better for all concerned to have a health care person in home.

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