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Coping with Solitude

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Caregiver Elderly CareGrowing old is as inevitable as death and some people experience the worst situations in their life. There comes a point in everyone’s life where one reaches an age one can no longer continue to live as happily as the rest of the younger people. Thinking of it is depressing enough especially when you consider all the other things that come with age, like declining health.

Loneliness And Senior Cares Services

You would hope that when you reach your “twilight years” you have someone to share that time with you, but often times, people grow old alone either in their own homes or in retirement villages. When you have your health to consider you will have to think about getting an in home senior care service provider. With children away and continuously declining health, you will realize at some point that you do need someone to help you around the house, besides administering to your health, a senior home care service provider can ward off the loneliness that comes with being old and alone. Loneliness and old age seem to go together, and places that offer senior care services always incorporate health care with activities to keep the elderly occupied.

What the statistics say?

According to the latest statistics, the U.S. 10 million elderly people suffer from solitude. Loneliness can be so bad; it might bring about suicidal thoughts in about 16% of people who are over the age of 65. Loneliness is brought by boredom and monotony. Loneliness can bring about feelings of worthlessness, an emotion that can be dispelled by having a hobby or being involved in activities that are worthwhile to people other than yourself.

When loneliness turns into depression?

The subject of loneliness makes experts of everyone who has an opinion about anything. Having company helps but the truth of the matter is that loneliness can be an emotional matter that demands your dealing with the solutions on your own, and in your own way. Having company help, even if it’s for a little while and if you have an in home senior care service provider, you could have the company you need. Some of the frustrations that come with loneliness are brought on by the simple lack of companionship. When loneliness results in depression then you should seek professional counseling.

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