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Recommended Senior Activities

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Recommended Senior Activities

Senior-GardeningAdvancare Senior Care in Miami, offers seniors access to a variety of activities that they can enjoy throughout the year. Fortunately, Miami has an average high temperature in the mid 70s throughout the winter months, which makes this a great time of year for seniors to be outdoors. However, there are also plenty of indoor activities to appeal to seniors during the hot summer months. Since the Miami weather can vary widely in the fall and spring, seniors and their caretakers can decide on what might be an appropriate activity for any given day.

The winter months in Miami provide some of the most pleasant temperatures for seniors to participate in outdoor activities. As a senior, exercise is still an extremely important part of the daily routine. Therefore, the winter is a great time to enjoy a stroll outside in a park, or a simple walk around the neighborhood with a friend. This is also a great time of year to work in a garden or perhaps shop at an outdoor market. The holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to combine walking with holiday shopping, whether it is an outdoor shopping venue or an indoor mall during inclement weather. Of course, a walk on the beach on a pleasant afternoon can be the perfect way to spend a few hours for those under senior care in Miami.

Although the summertime heat in Miami can be oppressive, this is the ideal time to cool off in a local pool. Also, a pool provides the ideal opportunity to get some exercise without breaking a sweat. Otherwise, it is best for seniors to participate in indoor activities on the hottest days. For example, dancing classes provide plenty of fun and exercise. In addition, seniors may want to join a fitness center to make sure that they keep active. The summer days can also be a good time to do some housework while listening to a favorite musical selection. Many local Miami malls have walking clubs for seniors where the mall is available before stores open to the public. This is a great chance to get some healthy exercise while being in the comfort of an air-conditioned building.

Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson’s Disease Patients

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Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson's Disease Patients

Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Families can wind up feeling pretty overwhelmed when one of the family members suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. This brain disorder affects the individual’s ability to control their muscles, balance and movement. Although strides are being made in finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, and certain medications and treatments can help to minimize its symptoms, it’s important to consider qualified professional in-home care in order to meet the many challenges presented by a family member living with Parkinson’s Disease.

A skilled and compassionate caregiver can reduce the amount of stress and strain on other family members, in addition to giving peace of mind to the individual suffering from Parkinson’s that they know they have someone they can count on to make their home life as comfortable as possible. There are numerous benefits to having in-home care for a family member with Parkinson’s Disease.

An in-home caregiver can provide personal supervision for a person whose gait has become unsteady or who has issues with their balance due to Parkinson’s effect on their muscular coordination. This supervision can prevent slips, falls and accidents which only make a person’s health deteriorate even more. Another important benefit provided by home caregivers is consistent nutritious meal planning, since those with Parkinson’s Disease have special nutritional needs in order to keep their bones strong and their muscles healthy.

A person with Parkinson’s Disease usually needs one-on-one assistance with even the simplest daily chore or activity that most of us take for granted. An in-home caregiver can assist with everything from bathing and grooming needs to getting dressed, making a trip to the bathroom, getting outside for a short walk for exercise, and reducing the amount of challenges experienced while eating.

Another very important reason to use a home caregiver is to encourage the Parkinson’s patient to keep up with daily exercise routines designed to help maintain their balance, strength and mobility. Since many Parkinson’s Disease patients reach a point when they can no longer operate a motor vehicle, it is extremely helpful to have the services of a caregiver who can drive the individual to doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions or other places where they need to travel.

One of the most important benefits that professional in-home care provides is relief for the spouse or other family members from the daily demands that the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease presents. The individual with Parkinson’s feels like less of a burden and other family members won’t resent having to serve as a full-time nurse to a family member experiencing this difficult neurodegenerative disorder.

Caregiver for Long Weekends in Miami

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Caregiver for Long Weekends in Miami

Senior-Care-For-Long-WeekendsIf you are currently living in the Miami area with your family and you are thinking of taking a vacation but you have a family member who requires assistance at all times, consider the option of in home senior care while you are away out the house on vacation or traveling. Having a professional caregiver available to assist your loved one while you are away is a way for you to feel more secure and without stress any time you are out on business or even traveling on a family getaway.

What is a Caregiver?

An in home caregiver who works in the Miami area specializes in caring for individuals with both physical and mental disabilities that may make everyday tasks more difficult to complete. Caregivers are capable of providing patients with love, support, an open ear and assistance with getting dressed, taking care of one’s self and even bathing or maintaining hygiene. Caregivers are also able to help with cooking meals, preparing food for the week and ensuring the home is in order any time your loved one has been left alone or simply requires assistance for an upcoming long weekend when you plan to be out of town.

How to Find Senior Care for Your Household

Finding senior care in Miami is possible with the use of both local listings and business directories in addition to comparing the services and professionals you have available near you right from home, online. Comparing caregivers online can be done by reading real reviews and testimonials from patients and families who have worked with the caregivers themselves. Comparing different pricing, services offered as well as the type of licensing and certifications each caregiver has themselves individually is also highly advisable before selecting a professional to help with caring for your loved one when you are not available or when you are planning to go out of town.

Seeking out a caregiver for long weekends in Miami is a way to get a break from caring for your loved one on your own without the worry of leaving your loved one on their own when you are not home or available yourself. The more research you conduct before selecting the right in home care professional for your family member, the more at ease you are likely to feel when you are not present in your own home to care for your loved one.

Recovering: Is A Transition Process

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Recovering: Is A Transition Process

in-home-senior-careRecovering from an accident or illness at a hospital or convalescent home is not an easy thing–especially for those precious seniors in our lives. Furthermore, re-adjusting to a return to their home surroundings isn’t simple either. This is a transition process best managed by health-care professionals.

However, at Advancare, Miami’s premier senior home health-care agency, we know exactly what it takes to help make that senior transition process of coming home as effortless as possible for your elderly loved ones and for yourself as well.

Not everyone is professionally trained and skilled to help manage the many stressful situations that arise after coming home from a hospital stay. Medications, bathing, hygiene needs, minor house cleaning, monitoring of vitals and even companionship for your loved one all can be overwhelming as you struggle to attend to your job, career and/or educational needs.

With compassion, patience and knowing how to best manage and acclimate to different personalities, our Advancare in home senior care specialists get the job done for your family’s needs.

Our Advancare In Home Senior Care Services Include:

  • Light housecleaning
  • Meal preparations
  • Monitoring of medications
  • Going on errands
  • Accompanying persons to doctor offices and followup visits
  • Maintain communication with health-care professionals and the family

Our Reputation Assures Your Peace of Mind

As leading health caregivers Miami service providers, we know that having peace of mind is an absolute must for you and your family. Your love ones deserve only the best and we’re there to make sure they get it!

Stop Your Worrying Now

Now you can go confidently on with your daily routines knowing your elderly significant other is not alone to wander off or take a fall. Our highly qualified and certified in home senior care workers are there with them; constantly watching over them; and keeping them safe and content in their own familiar home surroundings.

Help when you need it–24 hours a day and seven days a week! We’ll be there right by your side helping your loved one from the senior transition process to full recovery.

Special People Deserve Special Care

Adapting our Advancare services to your particular needs during the senior transition process is no problem. Services to our clients with special medical concerns such as heart illness, pneumonia and most any stage of dementia-related illness is dealt with at the highest level of quality care available.

Stop the worries right now and let us take charge over an intimidating senior transition process! Call now for more information at our Advancare caregivers Miami office. That’s our mission, our passion and our job! And we’re good at it!

How Our Family Handled Senior Care

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Testimonial from Raquel H.:

How Our Family Handled Senior Care

Raquel-and-MarieWhen we hired Advancare, they took care of our family’s senior care needs. We are so happy that we found caregivers in Miami that truly care about our loved one. This company understood that finding quality senior care was something that the whole family should participate in. They allowed us to be a part of the process every step of the way. The staff members were all helpful and great listeners. They answered all of our questions and made sure that we all understood the senior care process from start to finish.

Advancare Senior Care offers quality companionship services that you can trust. This company provides caring services to meet the needs of each and every one of their clients. The registration process was very simple and this company matched our loved one with a caring staff member with a positive attitude and compassionate nature. This senior care company makes sure that all clients are taken care of and paired with the perfect caregiver for their unique needs.

This senior care service can perform many different tasks. The staff members will make sure that seniors are able to get dressed in the mornings. They will also take care of meal plans to make sure that everything is healthy and tasty. If seniors need to go out for anything, they can be accompanied by friendly caregivers that will help them to be safe and secure while traveling. Good caregivers can accompany their clients to religious functions, sports events, restaurants, shopping centers, and more. It is their goal to make sure that their clients are happy.

If clients need help making sure that they do not forget to take their medicine or do not take too much medicine, quality caregivers from Advancare Senior Care can help. If clients need help getting ready for bed at night, caregivers will be there to meet their needs.

Advancare Senior Care offers daily and weekly services. A reliable caregiver can also be available around the clock depending on the client’s needs. We were very satisfied with the services that this company provided, and our experience with them continues to be good until this day.

Thanks as always!
Raquel H.