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Recovering: Is A Transition Process

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Recovering: Is A Transition Process

in-home-senior-careRecovering from an accident or illness at a hospital or convalescent home is not an easy thing–especially for those precious seniors in our lives. Furthermore, re-adjusting to a return to their home surroundings isn’t simple either. This is a transition process best managed by health-care professionals.

However, at Advancare, Miami’s premier senior home health-care agency, we know exactly what it takes to help make that senior transition process of coming home as effortless as possible for your elderly loved ones and for yourself as well.

Not everyone is professionally trained and skilled to help manage the many stressful situations that arise after coming home from a hospital stay. Medications, bathing, hygiene needs, minor house cleaning, monitoring of vitals and even companionship for your loved one all can be overwhelming as you struggle to attend to your job, career and/or educational needs.

With compassion, patience and knowing how to best manage and acclimate to different personalities, our Advancare in home senior care specialists get the job done for your family’s needs.

Our Advancare In Home Senior Care Services Include:

  • Light housecleaning
  • Meal preparations
  • Monitoring of medications
  • Going on errands
  • Accompanying persons to doctor offices and followup visits
  • Maintain communication with health-care professionals and the family

Our Reputation Assures Your Peace of Mind

As leading health caregivers Miami service providers, we know that having peace of mind is an absolute must for you and your family. Your love ones deserve only the best and we’re there to make sure they get it!

Stop Your Worrying Now

Now you can go confidently on with your daily routines knowing your elderly significant other is not alone to wander off or take a fall. Our highly qualified and certified in home senior care workers are there with them; constantly watching over them; and keeping them safe and content in their own familiar home surroundings.

Help when you need it–24 hours a day and seven days a week! We’ll be there right by your side helping your loved one from the senior transition process to full recovery.

Special People Deserve Special Care

Adapting our Advancare services to your particular needs during the senior transition process is no problem. Services to our clients with special medical concerns such as heart illness, pneumonia and most any stage of dementia-related illness is dealt with at the highest level of quality care available.

Stop the worries right now and let us take charge over an intimidating senior transition process! Call now for more information at our Advancare caregivers Miami office. That’s our mission, our passion and our job! And we’re good at it!

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