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Keeping Seniors Happy and Healthy During Summer: A To-Do List

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Summer is once again upon us and we all know what summer brings. Aside from cold drinks, ice cream and several opportunities to kick back and relax, summer’s also known of its unforgivable heat waves. This can prove to be dangerous for senior citizens if caregivers will not take the necessary precautions for them.

Here are a few things to one should place in their care-giving check-list.

Elderly Under The SunDrink A Lot Of Fluids
Like everybody else, seniors are susceptible to dehydration however their risk serves at a higher level because they don’t have the capacity to conserve water unlike others. Much more is that the elderly usually do not feel thirsty and have difficulty in adjusting to sudden changes in temperature. Aside from keeping a lot of fluids in tow, caregivers can also opt to have sweat replacement beverages, specifically those rich in salt and potassium to make up for the loss of water in the body. As much as possible avoid caffeinated or carbonated drinks as these will only make you dehydrated even more.

Be Cool Always
Taking away its figurative sense, this is mostly true in a literal sense. Summer will always have heat waves in tow and often not keeping cool can contribute to a shorter lifespan, specifically to the elderly who are suffering from chronic medical conditions. However this can be remedied by installing air-conditioner inside the home or, if there is none installed, take them to cool places such as the mall or the library. Not only will it be helpful for them, but it could serve as a way to give them fresh air and surroundings and as a way to bond with them. Aside from cooler surroundings and taking fluids, wearing the appropriate summer attire will greatly help you cope with the summer heat waves.

Sunscreen Is Your Best Friend
Summer is fun however it won’t be fun if the heat gets to you. Before going out, always make it a habit to put on sunscreen especially on your senior as it will help protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.

Be Watchful And Call For The Right Help
As much as we would want to take the time to enjoy the sights and sounds that summer can offer, it is also the season where it can be a threat to your senior’s health and so it is best to keep everyone informed like fellow caregivers, friends, and/or relatives especially if you are going somewhere or will be doing any outdoor activities. This would also include having a list of emergency contacts in case something does happen while you are outside. This will make the situation easier to tackle and handle and could ultimately save a life.

Consult The Physician In Terms of Medications
Believe it or not, there are times that medications will behave or react differently when it comes to changes in the weather. This is more susceptible if your home is not air-conditioned as some drugs are heat-sensitive which may either lead them to have low effectivity or increased action depending on its pharmaceutical properties.

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