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There’s Fun under the Sun for Seniors This Summer

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Summer has always been seen as the youth’s season. From lounging in the beaches, getting a tan or simply having an ice cream cone. But senior citizen can have summer fun too! All they need are the right activities to engage themselves in. Here are a few activities that caregivers may want to suggest to their seniors.

Elderly Fishing


Sure this activity may seem boring, but considering the health benefits of walking, it may serve as a good way to hit two birds with one stone. Furthermore, one doesn’t need to walk long distances just to accomplish such task, sometimes all it takes is a walk around the park or at the beach. This activity can also be combined with other activities such as bird watching or star gazing.


Though this necessarily doesn’t have to apply to those seniors who are no longer physically active, this is a great help for those seniors who would like to keep an active lifestyle without excreting too much effort on their part. One way to maximize this is to go over trail maps or placed where biking can be done close by the home.


If you are looking for something enjoyable while relaxing, why not try fishing? Though not all find this entertaining, it is a great low-impact type of activity that doesn’t require seniors to exert too much effort, unless they catch a big one, that is.


The favorite summer activity can be a great activity for seniors too. Though they don’t have to be able to do the usual stroke, they can always enjoy it by paddling around. This is also a great activity as it can give them good exercise (specifically those who are suffering from arthritis) and help them keep cool against the summer’s heat.


This is one favorite activity by the young and elderly, and also serves as a great aerobic exercise. From ballroom dancing to line dancing the choices are endless. Always select the type of dance that will agree with your senior’s capabilities and limits. You don’t want to over-exert them at all.

Taking Classes

Who says you can’t teach an elderly dog, new tricks? Of course, they can still learn new things and your seniors can certainly still learn new things at that age. From practical handicrafts to pursuing the degree they never dared to take, the sky’s the limit!

Pursuing a new hobby

If not classes, why not pursue a hobby that you have always wanted to try? May it be arts and crafts, sewing, quilting, photography or even cooking there are so many hobbies to try!

Try a hand on community work

Though this may not be every senior’s cup of tea, volunteer work may not be too much but it can bring a sense of fulfillment or purpose especially for those elderly who are always feeling a bit under the weather. Look up for the several organizations and charities within your area and keep an eye out for any activities that may pique the interest of your senior. These may or may not be limited to hospitals, community events, museums, tourists spots and libraries.

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