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How to Creatively Spend Easter with Seniors

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Easter marks the beginning of spring and the end of winter’s grip and it also symbolizes new beginnings and renewal.
Spending Easter with Elderly

So why don’t you take this chance to plan new and exciting things to kick start the year for your seniors? It doesn’t have to be the traditional egg hunt, but it could also take form in other activities that anyone can enjoy and is also doable without too much effort.

One idea is to host a get together. This is a good thing if you want to foster good will and would want your senior to socialize even more. The winter may have been harsh for them and often it brings them feelings of loneliness and sadness so why not chase away those negative emotions and surround them with good people. It may not always have to be intimate like a dinner. It could also take the form of a community picnic or a barbecue lunch. You can also opt to enlist the help of sponsors to make it a completely free event and to help you with the expenses. Another way of sprucing the idea up is to organize activities to go with it. Here you can also incorporate the Easter egg hunt so that both the visiting children and the seniors could have fun together.

Another idea is to organize a talent show. What better way to encourage goodwill during Easter than through the appreciation of one’s talents. The best way to do so (while also giving you the liberty to show off once in a while) is by organizing a talent show. This can also be made as a fundraiser and dedicate it to a charity or a nursing home to give a more wholesome vibe. Your seniors will truly find appreciation even if it is just for 15 seconds and believe us, a little goes a long way.

If talent shows are not your thing, you can always organize a creative community event. Here you can gather people for an arts and crafts circle or have local groups and volunteers come over to teach skills like weaving, painting and knitting. Not only will your seniors will be preoccupied, they will also be able to learn something new and, in the long run, will have something to do and would be able to channel their negative energies into something worthwhile.

Try simple outdoor activities. Sometimes one doesn’t have to look too far to find something worthwhile to do for Easter. Why not take your seniors out on outdoor activities? It doesn’t have to be something hard. Some of these activities can also be beneficial such as gardening, where they can plant fruits, vegetables or flowers from the comfort of their nursing home, or have them get into a simple exercise like yoga.

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