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How to Live Well – A Guide for the Elderly

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Aging is a big issue for a lot of people and it poses quite a bit of a heartbreak, especially if they can’t be as energetic as they used to. This is because the elderly, on average, are the most sedentary age group as they spend more time sitting around or lying down. This is not a good sign, especially if you are trying to keep them healthy.

One of the best ways for the elderly to keep themselves healthy and live well is to get involved with physical activity. This would include simple tasks like walking to sports, but most importantly, getting physical activity’s main idea is to keep moving so that you won’t be sedentary. A suggestion to get you started on physical activity is to try to get involved in aerobic activity. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown exercise as it can involve brisk walking, riding a bike, playing tennis or even as basic as mowing your lawn.

However, before you start pushing yourself to get physical, always remember that you have to take things slowly. Suddenly making yourself exercise will do you more harm than good. The best way to do this is to build things up until you reach the needed level. Don’t rush, take it slow.

Another way on how to live well is to reduce activities that may involve you to being sedentary. This would include long hours in front of the television or computer. Also falling under this category are long hours of reading and driving.

Live Well Guide for Elderly

Living a healthy lifestyle is also another way of living well. Eat a balanced diet. Stop smoking and drop that beer bottle. Practice good hygiene. Those are good ways to start. It is extremely necessary to eat a balanced diet and get ample amounts of water and rest. As the elderly age on, they get less urges to hunger and thirst which becomes a critical point in their health where it may lead them to be dehydrated and hungry most of the time. To remedy this, always keep them within a fixed meal schedule.

Reducing stress and having a positive outlook in life is seen to be another contributor to a healthy lifestyle and this is highly important especially to the elderly. One good way is to maintain good friendships around you. Being in the golden years may be an achievement, but it can get very lonely if one does not have a support group around them for a chuckle or two.

Finally, living well is also all about taking safety precautions which means being aware of your surroundings and avoiding activities or things that may impair your health. Also falling under this jurisdiction is seeing your healthcare provider on a regular basis. That would mean going to your scheduled appointments as often as possible and following their instructions when it comes to medications and other prescribed advices.

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