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The Elderly and Pet Ownership: A Beneficial Relationship

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Imagine this. You’re over 60 and you’re home alone with no one to talk to. It’s rather sad and lonely, if one has to think about it. But imagine yourself with a pet to care for, talk to or even go on morning walks with. Now isn’t that something something to smile to every day?  

How to Keep Elders Hydrated and Cool During the Hot Summer Days

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As much as we all enjoy the fun that summer brings, it’s not all fun and games as it can also bring about a lot of problems especially to your elderly loved ones. One of the things caregivers or loved one providing care to their elderly should look out for is senior dehydration.  

Healthy Foods To Help Boost Seniors’ Recovery

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The elderly often lauded to be people in their prime, aka the golden years - an achievement seen by many. However, living the long life also comes with a price. As one grows older, they also see a decline in their overall health from physical abilities to mental functions. This often results to a lot of problems from a growing list of medications, financial worries and care problems.  

Why Should the Elderly be Discouraged from Driving and How one can Help them Make a decision

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It is often the complaints of several drivers that young people of today have no road etiquette. However, little does everyone know that elderly drivers are as dangerous as their younger counterparts. This is because according to experts such as geriatrician, David Lussier, that elderly drivers also have tendencies to speed and take risks behind the wheel. Sometimes, these can be dangerous for their health.