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Anosognosia: People Who Don’t Know They Have Dementia

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Memory loss may come from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It is one of the most difficult types of disease for those who have it and those whose loved ones do. Anosognosia springs from dementia disorder which is characterized by unawareness of memory loss. It is probably a unique form of disorder yet it does exist to some patients and it can be one of the toughest cases to handle.

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How to Care for Elderly Patients with Depression

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Suffering from a mental illness is long-term much more if it is a depression. Its symptoms are erratic, sometimes present, sometimes none without a set length or duration. Most patients with depression often feel bouts of worthlessness, extreme mood swings and in-explainable sorrow, loss of interest in anything or even physical pain like cramps and headaches just to name some.

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The Fine Line Between Cognitive Aging and Alzheimer’s

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When one thinks about aging and retirement, thoughts would either go to the many things they couldn’t do when they were still working or to the long list of ailments seniors tend to feel when age finally catches up with them. One of these ailments that many tend to worry about is Alzheimer’s. In fact, just a simple moment of forgetfulness makes them start to worry if they have the disease themselves.

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How to Deal with Senior Repetition

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Part of taking care of a senior is dealing with illnesses that old age brings and one of these is dementia. Dementia is a mental illness that is often characterized by deteriorating memory, irritability, and mood swings just to name some. Though dementia is the least harmful, it is the most challenging sicknesses to deal with and often summons a lot of patience and understanding from the caregiver.

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