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New Innovations for Senior Care and Caregivers

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Every year new innovations come into the market in all shapes, sizes and functions. The majority of these are targeted to the younger generation, however a handful of these come to the aid of senior caregivers.innovation for elderly

One of the major innovations in senior care is the use of Global Positioning System, commonly known as the GPS. Before, this nifty device is often used by drivers to help them navigate through roads as well as provide them with a virtual map, now seniors can use the device as a way to help them or their caregivers whenever they get lost. Aside from that, the GPS also gives family and caregivers a sense of peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe and can easily be located at anytime.

According to a study conducted in Norway, about 200 senior patients claim that they feel much safer whenever they have a GPS with them. The independent study was conducted by Tone Øderud and Dag Ausen at SINTEF who said that the GPS allows seniors to hold on to a bit of independence and freedom despite suffering from degenerative cognitive disease such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Aside from that, the researchers also claim that having a GPS can help a family save especially if they cannot afford to have their loved one in nursing homes.

Aside from the GPS, there are also other technological innovations, from gadgets to mobile phone applications, that have made a breakthrough in the market. Some of these involved motion-sensors linked to the gadgets that are in sync with their schedules, especially when it comes to taking their complex medications everyday.

There are also gadgets for the most trivial of things such as operating the remote control. This is very handy for those seniors who have difficulty moving because of the effects of diseases such as stroke and/or Parkinson’s.

Another innovation that’s making the airwaves are service websites that cater to in-home affordable care as well as caregiver-to-senior matching. Now, seniors and their loves ones have more options in their list as well as the best way to find the perfect caregiver for your elderly loved one. It also saves the family from acquiring a long list of applicants for the job as it can help whittle down the list into the ones who are most qualified to the conditions or demands of the family and their senior. These websites also provide online interviews for faster processing.

But it’s not only the seniors who are benefiting from the new innovations, caregivers too are recipients of new technology.

The gadgets with motion sensors also benefit caregivers as it is also hooked up to their gadgets to tell them if their elderly have taken their medication or to help locate them just in case.

Caregivers also benefit from these matching sites as not only does it save them time from sending out mass application forms and driving long lengths and hours just for an interview, they could also easily be hired on the spot once their profile matches with a potential employer’s needs. Caregivers are also protected from scams as these websites provide efficient payment plans.

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