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How to Cope with Life-limiting Illness

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Even how much you try to evade it, the likelihood of your senior loved one to get caught by a life-limiting illness is high. Yes, you provide them with care, love and maintain their good health, but there’s still a big chance for them to acquire this diagnosis. If not today, maybe tomorrow or the next after that. As much as you know it, it’s one sad part of growing old.

cope with life limiting illness

But just comprehending this possibility is heart-breaking and truly agonizing, and you often feel this great fear that is as if you’re being swallowed by a huge black hole, sinking you deep and deep within its core. Oftentimes, this case hinders you from thinking clearly, and it disables your senses to act right, think right, and come up with ways on how to handle it.

If you are reading this article, you are lucky. This content will prepare you in a battle against fear and sadness when one of your senior loved ones is suddenly diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

Tip #1 Gain sufficient amount of knowledge by creating a set of questions to ask to your health-care team. What’s the best treatment plan for this case? When should it be administered and what are the possible side-effects? Always hope for the best and plan carefully each day you’ll spend with your loved one.

It may sound so simple but the truth is, you are often afraid to dwell on possible bad things that might happen in the future. At this rate, it’s best not to focus on things you can’t change, but instead, on things you can control and change.

Tip #2 Create a plan, considering the sharing process and noting down the reasons why doing this is highly necessary.

Tip #3 Filter the information you obtain. You need sufficient amount of information but it doesn’t mean everything you’ve read and heard about is correct, especially because the internet is flooded with many confusing ideas. Seek reliable advisor’s help and read only the most credible content on the web.

Tip #4 Overcome the feeling of helplessness. Motivate yourself to be strong by realizing the things you can contribute to ease the worries of your loved one.

Tip #5 Deepen the communication. Understand the needs of your loved one. If necessary, take advice from a mental health practitioners to help you repair broken relationships.

Tip #6 Prepare financial and medical directives. This is when you set a meeting with your attorney.

Tip #7 Acquire peace of mind from your faith to the Almighty. A too busy life often neglects the value of the spiritual aspects of life. Seek help from your faith, discover your spiritual needs, learn to forgive and explore gratitude.

A life-limiting illness does not only impact the person who has it, but the entire family connected to this person. It’s always best to face what might happen soon to prepare yourself for any emotional attacks that might arise. By preparing ahead, you can immediately establish a strength that can overpower grief and despair.

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