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Autumn Tips for Senior Caregivers

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Summer is fast leaving and winter’s just beyond the mountain but in between comes autumn. Autumn might be fun for the young with all that leaf pile jumping and sweaters but it could also be a health risk for senior if they are not cared for properly.

Autumn Tips for Senior Caregivers
Autumn marks the beginning of cold and flu season and it is important you, the caregiver, and the senior are both health.
Getting a flu vaccination is a good way to start but only to an extent. This should also be accompanied by habits such as proper hand washing and an ample amount of sleep at night. If ever flu does strike, always have protective covering for the nose and mouth like a face mask of even a handkerchief so that viruses won’t spread. Seek a physician’s counsel if ever you feel like you need antibiotics to combat the flu. But most of all, if needed, stay at home and rest.

Also, one has to place precaution when going out of the house as seniors can easily slip and fall due to the slippery leaves of the season. In addition to that, frequent changes in weather are common and so it is important that the right kind of clothing will be worn at all times. When in doubt, have a jacket or a coat on hand in case cool weather does fall while you’re out on a stroll. You’ll never knew when the weather will turn after all and it is best to be prepared.

Speaking of warm clothing, homes should also be kept warm and toasty to avoid having seniors freezing or getting sick inside the comfort of their homes. Seniors should also be given the appropriate footwear for the weather, such as boots. These will prove to be useful in the long run and will help them maintain their balance. Avoid buying shoes that have smooth soles and high heels as these are hazards for the fall season.

Caregivers and relatives should make routine checks all over the house for drafts and have them sealed off immediately. If there is a heating system inside the house, make sure it is in top shape. If the home has a fireplace, there should be a pile of wood at the ready and that the chimney and fireplace are swept to prevent flue fires.

Homes should also be well-ventilated to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Windows should be easy to open and close especially if the weather is warm and they would need air from the outside to help them cool down.

Aside from that, one could also take the time to improve lighting and rearrange the furniture to avoid accidents. If you have some wiggle room in your budget, you can invest on non-slip strips or rubber mats especially on areas where it can get slippery fast. These can be readily bought in local hardware stores. You may also opt to add rails in area like the bathroom to help avoid slips and falls in that area.

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