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5 Ways To Keep Seniors Entertained During Cold Weather

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Though the cold weather means sweater weather, senior caregivers should be cautious on how to keep their seniors entertained in this type of weather. This is because cold weather easily makes one feel lonely and is often the time depression is at its highest peak. To help you keep spirits up all throughout the cold weather here are a few suggestions on what you could do.

  • Bake Cookies, Apple Pies – You Name It!

The most stereotypical image of a senior is that they are people who make the best baked goodies. Well, that’s not a completely true notion, but everyone does like baking or a baked good from time to time. Plus, homemade treats that are fresh from the oven are the most delicious, especially during cold weather and it makes the house feel warm and inviting. Whether your senior is an adept baker or a novice, you could always help them out and pass the time by baking. At the end, you can give away your treats or gobble them up with a cup of hot chocolate.

  • Make Scrapbooks, Relieve Memories

seniors during cold weather

Most seniors feel sentimental during the cold weather. Often times, this is the time where they feel like reliving the past and tell stories. So to make things more engaging and to channel their energy into doing something positive and enjoyable, why don’t you make scrapbooks? Scrapbooks are a creative way of preserving memories. You can take old newspapers and craft materials and have seniors make picture frames and albums for their pictures or their happy memories. The ideas are endless and it creates a positive output for your senior.

  • Play With Colors, Puddle Paint

Painting is another creative way to channel excess energy. Furthermore, it gives one a sense of accomplishment and thrill whenever they finish something and people compliment it as a masterpiece. You don’t have to be an art expert to be able to paint. You can simply start off with a paper, a brush and a watercolor palette and just play with it. Furthermore, these watercolor pieces can also be turned into other crafts like bookmarks and such.

  • Find Your Peace, Do Yoga

One thing that you should ensure that your seniors should have is exercise. Given that the weather is cold outside, walking may not be an option. So the next best thing is to have them do exercise within the comforts of the home. Doing simple yoga is one way of exercising. It is so simple, it can be done even while sitting. Look up for tips on how seniors can do yoga and make sure that these are doable. You don’t want to risk them dislocating joints after all.

  • Make an Indoor Tropical Luau

Who says luaus should be during the warm weather and outside? You can make things more exciting in the home by making an indoor luau for your seniors. Not only will it be a good distraction from the cold weather outside, it will also make everyone feel warm. It will also be a great way to lift the dreary cold weather spirit from the home. Plus, there’s always a good reason to have a good party.

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