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Using Technology to Aid in Caregiving

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Technology helped change the course of everyday life. From simple tasks such as writing and reading to menial tasks such as cleaning the entire house, we owe this to technology for making our lives easier. In the area of Caregiving, technology also provides advantages.

So how can technology help caregivers make their work easier?

Well, we can’t say that all Caregiving technology will be of immense help to everyone. Given that each senior is unique, not all the tools would be applicable, however they still manage to do the job to an extent.
Technology to Aid in Caregiving

In a conference of the National Alliance for Caregiving, experts talked about how technology would be able to be of assistance to families that are in dire need of caregivers. For example, some of these technological aids won’t need assembly because these can be downloaded from one’s own mobile phone. For example, applications that are built much like Siri but they can provide in depth information about the caregivers and their seniors from their background in medical history. Furthermore, these could also be linked to the family’s trusted hospital making the care more intimate as every health care provider is tight woven together. Furthermore, there are also phone applications being developed that could help senior care providers keep up with the schedule especially in terms of medications. Though some would often make printed schedules, having something handy in your pocket to remind you is an effective way to provide care. Plus, you’re on the dot.

Another handy reason why technology has proved to be useful in Caregiving is GPS. Yes, your Global Positioning System is a handy Caregiving tool. Aside from mobile phones, these can also be placed in wearable technology such as a bracelet and can be used to track your senior so that you could keep an eye on them if you are busy doing other things. Aside from GPS, technology can also give caregivers a break, especially the wireless home monitoring system. Much like thief detectors, this type of technology is like the caregiver’s third eye and assists in keeping an eye on the senior just in case something happens to them while the caregiver is busy doing other tasks. It’s very handy if you still have chores to do on top of caring.

On top of that, there are also health tracking tools that could help track, monitor and keep records such as appointment times, insurance papers and prescriptions; just to name some. There are also other innovations such as electronic pill boxes and pill cutters, making it easy for caregivers to administer medications.

Aside from that, there are also existing applications that have been found to be an immense help to caregivers everywhere. For example, Skype has provided an avenue for people to communicate face-to-face in real time, and caregivers can use this as a means to communicate with their senior’s loved ones and a tool to help foster interaction. But if that’s not enough to keep your senior entertained, there’s always game apps for them to indulge in.

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