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Caregiving and Pets: Why Pets Make Great Caregivers

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Are you a new caregiver? Congratulations and welcome to the world of caregiving. However, we do have a bit of news for you: Caregiving doesn’t come with a manual. However, what’s good about it is that it encourages the caregiver to exercise their creativity and patience to be able to come up with ways on how they could improve their senior’s life without stressing themselves out in the process. One of the effective ways is by receiving the help of a pet.

Now you might be wondering about why we are suggesting this. Believe it or not, pets make better caregivers too because they come up with a lot of benefits aside from unconditional love and loyalty to their owners.

caregiving and pets

One of the best known effects of having a pet is that pets can help alleviate depression and loneliness as they can offer unconditional companionship to their owners. This has also been used and proven to those suffering from mental illnesses such as depression. Another health benefit pets can offer is that they can help lower blood pressure. Since they help one calm down and be in a good disposition, this reduces incidences of bad mood or actions that could cause a rise in blood pressure. Plus, they never complain or makes any verbal backlash.

Another benefit pets can offer is exercise. Since caring for a pet like a dog or a cat requires some effort, this enables one to have light exercises such as bending, stretching and walking thanks to routine tasks like grooming, cleaning and taking them out for walks. What’s also good is that sometimes these are so minimal that you won’t even notice that it is already a form of exercise. Studies even suggest that the minimal exercise caused by the daily maintenance of pets help minimize the pain caused by arthritis.

In relation to that, since some pets require one to go out and take them for walks, owners are exposed to other owners therefore inciting social interaction with others. This allows your senior to meet new friends and strike a good conversation. How? Talking about pets make a good ice breaker. Pet owners often start conversations by asking about the other’s pet and before they know it they have made a friend and made arrangements for puppy dates and such.

However, caregivers will also have to keep in mind a few things before heading off to the nearest shelter to adopt a dog or a cat.

That is why it is important that you know your senior well. Are they able to care for pets that are high maintenance or low maintenance?

Do they have allergic reactions to animal fur? Knowing small and almost negligible things such as this will help you decide on whether they could keep a pet or select what type of pet you could get them.

What’s also great about keeping pets for caregiving? It also benefits the caregiver in the same way. Don’t believe us? Try it out.

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