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Homecare: Things You Can Do While Recovering from Surgery on Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and there’s this festive gloom in the air. Costume making, door-to-door trick or treating and candy are just some of the things that are highly looked forward to for this holiday. However, some of you might be unable to enjoy it because you are still recovering from a recent surgery.recovering on halloween
Just the mere thought of missing out all of this is enough to bring one’s spirits to a lull, however, did you know that you can still enjoy Halloween even if you’re still recovering from surgery? Right now, you might be at the edge of your seats wondering that can be possible. Yes, it is if you follow the following tips on how you can make this year’s Halloween celebration post-op friendly.

1. Trick or treaters will be visiting you at any time and at irregular times so in order for you to be able to eat properly and be uninterrupted when you are eating it is highly suggested that you eat a heavy yet healthy, protein-rich meal before everything starts. Not only will this give you energy but it will also help you avoid from eating your candies that are to be given away.

2. If your doctor has forbidden you from sugar, here are some ways on how you can avoid your own saccharine disaster because of temptation:

a. Try giving out toys instead of candy for a change

b. Purchase your candy on the day of the trick or treat rather than buying it beforehand so that you won’t be tempted to eating it

c. Buy candy flavors that you don’t like as these will certainly prevent you from eating it.

d. Don’t stock up on candy. Always make sure to give it all out by being ‘generous’ whenever you give candy to visiting trick or treaters. If ever you find yourself with excess, donate them to others such as dentists, food kitchens or even homeless shelters. You’ll never know who needs a good cheering up.

3. You can still celebrate Halloween without going out by inviting your friends over for a house party. Not only will you be surrounded by great people, it will also help prevent you from having the blues during this time.

4. Have a Halloween-themed movie and/or TV marathon with a loved one or friends. Time to level up the Netflix and chill mentality! What better way to catch up with the 11 seasons of Supernatural or that Asian horror film stash you’ve been hoarding than this season?

5. Go look up on creative ways on how you can pass Halloween like crafting or pumpkin carving. The ideas are limitless if you put your mind into it.

6. Treat yourself, with moderation of course. There is nothing wrong with a treat for yourself but it is also good to be self-aware on what you are eating. So instead of those sweet fudge, why not try dark chocolate? It is not that sweet and it is also good for your heart. Furthermore, kids don’t appreciate dark chocolate, so it’s a win!

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