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Spend Quality Time With Your Elderly Loved Ones This Thanksgiving

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These days we have forgotten what Thanksgiving is all about. We are more focused on what would be served on the table, how the house should look like and who to invite for Thanksgiving dinner. However, despite the consumeristic approach of this day, we still manage to be thankful for something. This is something that should be re-focused for Thanksgiving especially for the ones that need it the most.

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Lack of Sleep Contributes to Alzheimer’s, Studies Suggest

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You might want to start rethinking about hitting that all-night sleep. Studies are suggesting that the lack of sleep and sleep disturbances leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, the chemical changes in brain cells caused by lack of sleep (resulting into a jet lag-like effect) contributes to learning and memory loss. Though some may consider their sleep disturbances as something normal, older adults experience this more frequently. These becomes more severe when Alzheimer’s disease is apparent.

Sleep problems that commonly affect people with Alzheimer’s are:

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Celebrating Family Caregivers Month

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Happy Family Caregivers Month!
There’s no other joy than being of service to others, but especially to your aging loved ones. Being a family caregiver is not just a thankless job but it is a special vocation that anyone can commit to – just as long as they have the heart and patience to fulfill their tasks as a carer.

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