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The Truth of Money Burdens in Caregiving

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Contrary to popular belief, caregivers are not professionals trained in schools, the majority of their training is being done at home by a relative or a close friend. It may be a spouse, a daughter or a son, an in-law or their best friend. In fact, 70% of caregivers are composed of these people. Though we are trained since we were young to prepare for a life outside the classroom and to be able to support our own families, we are not as prepared to face a life that few people are prepared for: elderly care.

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The Basic Caregiver Survival Guide

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You only grow elderly once in your lifetime, this is something many fail to see whenever they care for a senior. Yes, you may be caring for someone, but some day you will be in their shoes and that’s why it is important for caregivers to give the best for their seniors. However, we do admit that not everyone is perfect and caring for a senior is not a walk in the park.

The life of a caregiver is very demanding, especially with all the expectations and adjustments that one has to go through, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself. Here are a few ways on how you can survive as a caregiver.

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Lack of Appetite in Seniors: Is It Normal or Is it a Concern?

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It is common for children to say that they don’t have an appetite and would rather play than eat their vegetables, however it becomes a concern when the elderly doesn’t eat and claim that they don’t have an appetite.

According to Heather Schwarts who is a nutrition expert at the Stanford Hospital and Clinics, lack of appetite in seniors mostly thirst is a common occurrence in aging, however is it still something to be concerned about?

Let us first look into the reason why loss of appetite is normal. Though it is not a major concern, it is still something to look out for if they suddenly eat less and less. There are a lot of factors that contributed to a senior’s appetite.

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