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Why spending holiday with our elders is important

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We’ve all had that moment when we have to decide where we’ll be spending holidays. While many make plans of spending it somewhere amazing, like a ski resort or a warm beach, it never hurts to stop and think it over. Maybe this year, you’ve had to send your elderly into a nursing home or you became the informal caregiver to your aging parent. Have you ever thought of spending it with your elderly loved one?

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Studies show that around this time of the year, elderly suffer from depression the most. One of the reasons why they experience this is because of loneliness and isolation. Despite elderly left in the care of nursing homes feel high levels of depression, that doesn’t mean elderly cared by informal caregivers are immune. Yet one can reverse this if one spends more time for them this season.
spending holiday with elder

Caring is a tough task, we understand. From time to time, you wish that you could spend some time away from your elderly to recharge your batteries and feel refreshed. There’s nothing wrong with this, but even if you would want to take a break keep in mind how they feel.

There are a lot of ways on how you can spend more time with your elders for your next holiday. Here are some of the top ways on how you can do this.

Invite them over

This is one of the most recommended and advised action. You’ll never know how much “Come over for the holidays” would mean to them. Not only will they will be around familiar scents, sights and sounds, they will also be with their family and loved ones. They will be able to catch up with the times, tell stories to the grandchildren. As much as this is a tempting idea, some may not fit the bit.

The reason behind this is because there is quite an amount of preparation and discussion between the family required for this to happen. You will need to talk about people’s responsibilities and find out who has a problem or does not agree to be around their elderly loved one (unfortunately, there are some people who are like that).

Bring the holiday to your elderly

If ever the family does not come up with a consensus or that your schedule does not permit you to have your elderly at home and unsupervised, why not be the one to take some time off and give them the best holiday of their lives. Organize visits to your elderly. Don’t forget to bring their favorite food, gifts to go around and, of course, the family. As much as they may be comfortable in their nursing homes, you can’t deny that they may tire looking at their caregivers every day. Fresh faces will always brighten their day. This gives them a good reason not to get sad during the holidays as they can now associate the season with something that they can look forward to.

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