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Caregiving: A career for some, a lifestyle for others

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There are a lot of ways on how Caregiving can change one’s life. Take Elaine Tugman for example.

In 2000, she found out she was pregnant. For Tugman, it was her second child, just barely a year after her other daughter was born. However, things turned for a twist as she delivered her baby 4 months before she was due. Thus, she found herself to be a caregiver for a child with special needs.

Caregiving: A career for some, a lifestyle for others

Caregiving: A career for some, a lifestyle for others

Elaine is not alone. According to a study by the National Alliance for caregiving and AARP, she is just one of the 43.5 million adults in the United States who are providing unpaid care to a relative, may it be a relative or a non-relative. Most of the time, these new caregivers find themselves caring for loved ones that are either aging or are suffering from a debilitating diagnosis. Because of how Caregiving demands a lot of attention and time, the workforce is often affected by this. Although most caregivers are either self-employed or own a business, about 56% of the population work full-time and have to juggle responsibilities aside from their caregiving activities. According to a study by NAC, 6 out of 10 caregivers end up giving up their workplace or cutting back on work hours in order to provide proper care at their home. Sometimes, they end up taking more leave of absences or be sanctioned for their poor attendance. Surprisingly, about 1 in out of 10 caregivers is 75 years old or older.

It is also alarming to know that 1 out of 3 unpaid caregivers are either not given any financial support or are unable to provide care for anyone except for who they currently provide care for, especially the disables and elderly ones, who often receive financial or medical help. Furthermore, only 32% of these unpaid caregivers are given assistance with paid Caregiving services through companies and/or private sitter services. This is where professional Caregiving comes into the picture.

Sure, serving as the caregiver for a loved one in need is a fulfilling job but if you are still maintaining a life or a career, this option is a good alternative.

According to the marketing director for Home Instead Senior Care in Dothan, Liz Woodard said that the average cost for paid caregiver ranges from $14 to $16 an hour. There are different reasons why paid caregivers are hired which is either the family is in need for help in watching over their loved ones around the clock, or they might need someone to watch them for a few hours such as during the day or on hospital or rehabilitation stays. Woodard also added that they often hear from family caregivers who are often overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to care for their loved ones while they care for their own families, careers and social life.

“Having a professional caregiver often helps relieve the stress involved with caregiving, and gives them peace of mind that their loved ones are well taken care of. A lot of our workers have worked in facility care before.”

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