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Basic Safety Tips for the Active Senior

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This week’s focus is staying safe while exercising. The first thing any senior citizen should do before exercising is to check with their doctor to see if he or she is healthy and fit enough to work out without getting hurt. Some people may have certain limitations that prevent them from being mobile in a safe manner. Your doctor will know for sure whether or not you can put the strain on your body that comes with even the simplest of exercises.


Exercising is considered by most professionals to be the best thing an elder can do to delay some of the side effects that come with aging. If it is done correctly and in a safe way, it can even add up to two or three years onto your lifespan. On top of improving overall general health, regular exercise can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent diabetes, depression, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as certain cancers. Balance and strength can also improve, lowering your risk for an accidental fall.

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Be a Fit and Active Senior

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Getting older comes with many changes that can be tough to get used to. If you were once an active adult, you may find it hard to adapt to the decreased mobility that comes with aging. No matter what your situation is, it is important to stay as active as possible. Getting older can be tough on your body, but staying fit can help to prevent many health issues that might reveal themselves with time.


Because we put your safety and well being above all else here at Advancare, we have decided to provide you with some tips and ideas to keep you active and healthy. Check back with us every week to find new fitness ideas and safety techniques that are sure to keep you on the right track without getting you hurt.

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