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Sports and Activities for the Active Senior

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We are back this week with some great activity and sports suggestions that will help you become a healthier and stronger senior. As we have stated in past blog posts, it is very important for everyone, especially seniors, to be as active as possible. There are many ways you can stay fit and active, and not all of them are very strenuous. Staying fit in your old age can add years to your life, but only if you maintain your goals and stay on track. Use your good health as proper motivation to keep it where it needs to be. The easiest way to do this is to make a proper routine, and we will help you do just that in future blog posts, so be sure to check back with us weekly. Now onto this weeks topic.

The following activities and sports are ones that can keep you healthy, no matter what your age is. Before you settle on one or more of these activities, be sure to try them out to see if you are comfortable with them. Like we’ve mentioned before, try and find a workout buddy for these activities. They can help motivate you and encourage you while ensuring that you are safely participating in your current task. Don’t forget to stretch before doing any of these activities, and remember to start with easy exercises. Do them slowly at first so you know exactly how to do them. This will prevent possibly injuries.

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  • Walking – This is probably the best exercise to start with. Take a walk around your neighborhood, or start small and walk around your dwelling or yard. Be sure you know your limitations before going for a walk, and try your best to walk with a friend.
  • Yoga – It is very important to keep your mind well as you keep your body well. If you can find something that can do both, then you should definitely try it out to see if it’s right for you. Yoga combines the tranquility of meditation with stretching and core strength exercises, so it can work your body and mind.
  • Golf – If you’ve ever been golfing before, then you know it can be a very fun sport to play. Many seniors consider it to be one of their favorite activities, and it is even better if you play with friends. You can even get a little extra exercise by taking a pull cart instead of a golf cart.
  • Tennis – If you have access to a tennis court and you are mobile enough to play, then give it a shot! You’re going to need a friend for this one. Playing tennis can improve your mobility, strength, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Boating and Fishing – Do you have a boat lying around? If you do, then take it out on the water and go fishing! Boating and fishing both require you to work out your body and your mind. Plus, it is great to get a little sun once in awhile. Take the family out for some extra fun.
  • Play an Instrument – Learning to play an instrument may not work out your body as much, but it can help keep you mentally focused and aware. Plus, there is great joy to be found in learning to play music. If you play an instrument like the drums, then you can even get some physical work in when playing.
  • Swimming – Most communities and cities have public pools available for citizens to enjoy. Find your nearest pool (it may be in your backyard) then jump on in and swim, but please to it safely. Swimming is a great way to build strength and improve your cardio and stamina.
  • Dance – This is an easy activity that I know you’ve done before. Dancing is a great workout that is both fun and healthy. You can do this anywhere you have access to music, so be sure to dance to the best of your ability the next time your jam comes on.

These are only a few easy ways you can stay healthy, fit, and aware as an active senior. There are many other activities and sports that you can partake in that will work every part of your body. Be sure to take things slow at first until you are comfortable with the activity. Bring a buddy and don’t forget to stretch.

If you have any fitness or activity suggestions, be sure to leave us a message.


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