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Homecare: Things You Can Do While Recovering from Surgery on Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and there’s this festive gloom in the air. Costume making, door-to-door trick or treating and candy are just some of the things that are highly looked forward to for this holiday. However, some of you might be unable to enjoy it because you are still recovering from a recent surgery.

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The Importance of Mental Healing in Injury Recovery

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Getting injured is one of the most frustrating things that could ever happen especially if you are an athlete or someone who wants to stay physically fit. Unfortunately, mental healing in injury does not occur overnight nor can injuries be avoided but when the time comes people should be aware that recovery is not just limited to the physical aspect – it should also include the mental aspect as well. The reason why this is important is because mental health is fragile. It can waver at simplest discouragement, especially if the athlete is sensitive at being unable to participate. This may lead to serious issues such as depression, anxiety or even substance abuse.

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Caregiving and Pets: Why Pets Make Great Caregivers

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Are you a new caregiver? Congratulations and welcome to the world of caregiving. However, we do have a bit of news for you: Caregiving doesn’t come with a manual. However, what’s good about it is that it encourages the caregiver to exercise their creativity and patience to be able to come up with ways on how they could improve their senior’s life without stressing themselves out in the process. One of the effective ways is by receiving the help of a pet.

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How Art Therapy Could Help Caregivers in Caregiving

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Imagine yourself sitting in a chair on a fine morning. You find yourself staring off into space without much of a coherent train of thought. Then you suddenly find a canvas in front of you with a table of brushes and paint. Without thinking twice, you create colors from strokes. Before you know it, time has passed and you’ve created something but you still don’t remember what you’re doing here.

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Reconciling with the Inevitable: When Caregiving Journey Ends

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Admit it. There is always a time in your caregiving journey when you want to take a long and relaxing vacation. But when that time does come and go, you find yourself in a standstill then you start asking yourself this important question, “What’s next?”

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Tips on Caregiving for Disabled People

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Caregiving is not only limited to caring for the elderly but it also spawns to other types of patients including disabled people. But the pressure and duties are still the same as the caregiver has to face such as stress. However, there are also differences when it comes to the type of care and it may not be the same as to caring for the elderly or those suffering from dementia.

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Are You An Alzheimer’s Caregiver? 5 Strategies to Reduce Caregiver Burnout

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Being an Alzheimer’s caregiver can be a stressful profession. Not only will you want to fulfill the expected duties of a caregiver but you also have to deal with patients with special needs, such as those with Alzheimer. Caregiving can be a daunting task, so if you are a caregiver it’s normal to feel stressed and fatigued. This is natural as Caregiving is strenuous task, however you should always remember to give yourself time to recover. Remember that you can only do so much.

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Senior Health: Eating Healthy the Right Way

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One of the most important things that families and caregivers should be vigilant about when caring for a senior is their diet. Seniors diets are a far-cry from the diet that they have grown used to when they were younger and most of the time they need help re-adjusting to a new diet. They may get cranky and short-tempered, but always be patient and let them understand why you are doing this.

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Skills Every Caregiver Should Master

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We all know that caregiving is a hard task. You have devote majority of your time to taking care of your senior while trying to keep up with daily chores, increasing amount of improvements, trends and innovations in the field of caregiving and your own health. However, this could be dealt with by knowing the proper skills to utilize and master and when you do so, you will find out that being a caregiving can be satisfying and fulfilling as a profession.

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Using Technology to Aid in Caregiving

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Technology helped change the course of everyday life. From simple tasks such as writing and reading to menial tasks such as cleaning the entire house, we owe this to technology for making our lives easier. In the area of Caregiving, technology also provides advantages.

So how can technology help caregivers make their work easier?

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