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Why Should You Be On The Look Out for Legionnaire’s Disease

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Though there are many diseases, which seniors suffer from, caregivers everywhere are being asked to be vigilant for signs that point to Legionnaire’s Disease. What is this big deal on Legionnaire’s disease?

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How To Avoid Lyme Disease in the Summer

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Summer is one of the most highly anticipated seasons of the year and everyone and anyone can benefit from it. However, at the other side of the coin, this is also the season where diseases can sprout at any time. Some of these diseases can be dangerous for the elderly. One of these diseases that caregivers should look out for is Lyme Disease.

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5 Ways To Keep Seniors Entertained During Cold Weather

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Though the cold weather means sweater weather, senior caregivers should be cautious on how to keep their seniors entertained in this type of weather. This is because cold weather easily makes one feel lonely and is often the time depression is at its highest peak. To help you keep spirits up all throughout the cold weather here are a few suggestions on what you could do.

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Autumn Tips for Senior Caregivers

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Summer is fast leaving and winter’s just beyond the mountain but in between comes autumn. Autumn might be fun for the young with all that leaf pile jumping and sweaters but it could also be a health risk for senior if they are not cared for properly.

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How to Cope with Life-limiting Illness

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Even how much you try to evade it, the likelihood of your senior loved one to get caught by a life-limiting illness is high. Yes, you provide them with care, love and maintain their good health, but there’s still a big chance for them to acquire this diagnosis. If not today, maybe tomorrow or the next after that. As much as you know it, it’s one sad part of growing old.

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New Innovations for Senior Care and Caregivers

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Every year new innovations come into the market in all shapes, sizes and functions. The majority of these are targeted to the younger generation, however a handful of these come to the aid of senior caregivers.

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The Best Approach to Elders with Mental Illness

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It’s not easy to talk about mental illness with elderly loved ones who are suffering from mental health issues. Chances are, you’ll offend them or upset them unintentionally. As a caregiver, it’s not an excuse if you didn’t mean to make your patients react violently with your actions because it’s your duty to know the right way to approach them. Ignorance is not a claimable reason to absolve you from the consequences of the problems you’ve caused.

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Anosognosia: People Who Don’t Know They Have Dementia

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Memory loss may come from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It is one of the most difficult types of disease for those who have it and those whose loved ones do. Anosognosia springs from dementia disorder which is characterized by unawareness of memory loss. It is probably a unique form of disorder yet it does exist to some patients and it can be one of the toughest cases to handle.

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How to Care for Elderly Patients with Depression

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Suffering from a mental illness is long-term much more if it is a depression. Its symptoms are erratic, sometimes present, sometimes none without a set length or duration. Most patients with depression often feel bouts of worthlessness, extreme mood swings and in-explainable sorrow, loss of interest in anything or even physical pain like cramps and headaches just to name some.

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The Fine Line Between Cognitive Aging and Alzheimer’s

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When one thinks about aging and retirement, thoughts would either go to the many things they couldn’t do when they were still working or to the long list of ailments seniors tend to feel when age finally catches up with them. One of these ailments that many tend to worry about is Alzheimer’s. In fact, just a simple moment of forgetfulness makes them start to worry if they have the disease themselves.

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