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How to Deal with Senior Repetition

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Part of taking care of a senior is dealing with illnesses that old age brings and one of these is dementia. Dementia is a mental illness that is often characterized by deteriorating memory, irritability, and mood swings just to name some. Though dementia is the least harmful, it is the most challenging sicknesses to deal with and often summons a lot of patience and understanding from the caregiver.  

The Elderly and Pet Ownership: A Beneficial Relationship

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Imagine this. You’re over 60 and you’re home alone with no one to talk to. It’s rather sad and lonely, if one has to think about it. But imagine yourself with a pet to care for, talk to or even go on morning walks with. Now isn’t that something something to smile to every day?  

How to Keep Elders Hydrated and Cool During the Hot Summer Days

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As much as we all enjoy the fun that summer brings, it’s not all fun and games as it can also bring about a lot of problems especially to your elderly loved ones. One of the things caregivers or loved one providing care to their elderly should look out for is senior dehydration.  

Healthy Foods To Help Boost Seniors’ Recovery

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The elderly often lauded to be people in their prime, aka the golden years - an achievement seen by many. However, living the long life also comes with a price. As one grows older, they also see a decline in their overall health from physical abilities to mental functions. This often results to a lot of problems from a growing list of medications, financial worries and care problems.  

Why Should the Elderly be Discouraged from Driving and How one can Help them Make a decision

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It is often the complaints of several drivers that young people of today have no road etiquette. However, little does everyone know that elderly drivers are as dangerous as their younger counterparts. This is because according to experts such as geriatrician, David Lussier, that elderly drivers also have tendencies to speed and take risks behind the wheel. Sometimes, these can be dangerous for their health.  

Ways on How to Manage Caregiver Stress

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The biggest challenge for a caregiver is dealing with caregiver burnout. This is not a strange phenomenon as being a caregiver is stressful, time consuming but otherwise a gratifying profession. However, as human as they are, a caregiver succumbs to this burn out and lets it take control of them, especially if they are in charge of the care of patients with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. It often leads to unwanted behavior and worse, senior abuse. This is a major offense and is not often taken lightly by enforcing agencies. But there are ways on how even the most exhausted caregiver can still manage their stress without resulting into any form of abuse.  

Tips for Managing Anxiety in Dementia

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One of the toughest things to deal with as a caregiver in a nursing home is to give the proper care for the elderly suffering dementia. This cognitive disorder is something not to take lightly as it can make things complicated especially if one is not sensitive to the special needs of these elderly patients.  

How to Live Well – A Guide for the Elderly

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Aging is a big issue for a lot of people and it poses quite a bit of a heartbreak, especially if they can’t be as energetic as they used to. This is because the elderly, on average, are the most sedentary age group as they spend more time sitting around or lying down. This is not a good sign, especially if you are trying to keep them healthy.  

Why Shouldn’t Elders Live Alone

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“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” This quote is taken from the popular Disney movie Lilo & Stitch where it highlights the importance of family. As a caregiver, you have seen families come and go at the home where you work at and most of the time these are painful to watch as these families either have decided or are forced to leave their loved ones there. But taking things in retrospect, this may be good for the elderly because growing old alone is not very healthy.  

How to Creatively Spend Easter with Seniors

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Easter marks the beginning of spring and the end of winter’s grip and it also symbolizes new beginnings and renewal. Spending Easter with Elderly

So why don’t you take this chance to plan new and exciting things to kick start the year for your seniors? It doesn’t have to be the traditional egg hunt, but it could also take form in other activities that anyone can enjoy and is also doable without too much effort.