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Tips on Long Distance Care

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Tips for Long Distance Senior Care

Caring for far away loved ones can be quite the challenge. If you live far away from someone that you care about and they need constant attention, then check out some of these helpful long distance senior care tips. It is always important to understand how your loved one may feel about being cared for from a distance. The most crucial thing you can do is put yourself in their shoes and take into account how they feel about the situation. Your life will be affected, but theirs will be affected even more than yours. Always keep this in mind, even when caring from someone close by. These things are not always easy to deal with and it is important to remember what matters most to you and your loved one: being there for each other and loving one another.

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia: The Facts

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Understanding the Difference – Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease of the brain. It is the leading cause of dementia, which is a term for a group of symptoms including memory loss, impaired judgment, loss of language, and reduced motor skills. There is currently no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Time Management and You

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When our brains age, it may become tougher to remember things that you easily used to remember. To prevent this, there are many different things you can do to both strengthen your memory and improve your time management skills. Check out our previous post that focused on improving your mental health from a couple of weeks ago for some tips on how to keep your memory sharp. This week’s post focuses on time management and what you can do to improve it while bettering yourself.

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New Advancements in Alzheimer’s Treatment

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There are many new advancements in the medical field every single day. Many of these advancements are extremely surprising to a lot of people. It can be quite exciting when someone finds a possible treatment that is not only effective, but also easy to obtain and relatively cheap. That is exactly what happened to Dr. Mary Newport and her husband, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Strength and Weight Training for Seniors

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This week, we will be focusing on weight training safety and techniques that are good for seniors. Some seniors, especially the ones that have been exercising consistently for a long period of time, may want to consider doing as much weight training as possible. Weight training is a great way to keep your muscles working and your blood flowing. Not only can it help your muscles, but it can also help your balance and coordination, so you can prevent a fall before it happens. Mixing weight training with cardio every week is a great way to balance out your routine. 

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Sports and Activities for the Active Senior

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We are back this week with some great activity and sports suggestions that will help you become a healthier and stronger senior. As we have stated in past blog posts, it is very important for everyone, especially seniors, to be as active as possible. There are many ways you can stay fit and active, and not all of them are very strenuous. Staying fit in your old age can add years to your life, but only if you maintain your goals and stay on track. Use your good health as proper motivation to keep it where it needs to be. The easiest way to do this is to make a proper routine, and we will help you do just that in future blog posts, so be sure to check back with us weekly. Now onto this weeks topic.

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Basic Safety Tips for the Active Senior

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This week’s focus is staying safe while exercising. The first thing any senior citizen should do before exercising is to check with their doctor to see if he or she is healthy and fit enough to work out without getting hurt. Some people may have certain limitations that prevent them from being mobile in a safe manner. Your doctor will know for sure whether or not you can put the strain on your body that comes with even the simplest of exercises.


Exercising is considered by most professionals to be the best thing an elder can do to delay some of the side effects that come with aging. If it is done correctly and in a safe way, it can even add up to two or three years onto your lifespan. On top of improving overall general health, regular exercise can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent diabetes, depression, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as certain cancers. Balance and strength can also improve, lowering your risk for an accidental fall.

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Private Duty Nurse

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Private Duty Nurses

Many people bear the responsibility of taking care of their aging family members. However, caring for a sick family member is not easy. It can get very stressful at times. Some people neglect their own needs so that they can take care of their family members.

When many people decide that they can no longer handle the stresses of caring for aging family members, they decide to put their family members in the nursing home. However, there is another option. If you have an aging loved one who requires regular medical care, then you should consider hiring a private duty nurse. Private duty nursing allows people to get the care that they need but still remain inside of their home.

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The Necessity of Professional Alzheimer’s Care

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Alzheimer’s Care

Professional Alzheimer's CareFact – Many associate Alzheimer’s disease with old age. Although this debilitating condition can also affect younger individuals, it is still widely known to involve mostly senior citizens. And with the disorder comes a demanding set of care and attention that must strictly be followed so as to counter the symptoms, needless to say slow down degenerative loss. This is why specialized Alzheimer care with the help of trained caregivers is a must for these kinds of patients.

The Problem

Not everyone is lucky enough to go through life without suffering from symptoms of memory loss, severe dementia and the worse – Alzheimer’s disease. And sad to say, most families are ill-equipped with the knowledge and skills on how to manage loved ones suffering from this condition. Having one around will really put a toll on everyone. The patient will easily be exposed to environmental hazards as he may forget how to drive, use certain household utensils and do simple activities of daily living. Emotional stress also goes hand in hand as the patient will have the tendency to forget important life events and even the identity of some close family members. It’s really a case that a normal family couldn’t handle. Especially when the time comes when the disease has already progressed, it will almost be impossible to leave him unsupervised at home.

The Solution

The best option is to admit the Alzheimer’s patient for specialized senior care services. Of course the cost will not be cheap. But still, planning ahead is the most sensible thing to do most especially during the early stage of the disease. With the help of trained Alzheimer’s caregivers, you’re loved one will get quality care and services. All medical and nutritional needs will also be addressed without burdening everyone else in the family. Compliance of medications can easily be monitored as well. And from your end, you and your family will have to continue doing your regular visits to assure him that he is loved and cared for.

Alzheimer Care Services – Making Lives Better

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Alzheimer Care Services

Home careResearch is beginning to show that Alzheimer Care Services result best when the person with the disease is kept in surroundings that are familiar, as it helps in managing the problems of memory loss.

Alzheimer Care Services offer a patient-centered approach to the care of people with Alzheimer and this has been backed by advanced research. This, together with proper education, is able to help seniors to cope with all the challenges of beginning to live with Alzheimer’s. It contributes to their well being that they continue to do what they can when they can still manage on their own in their own home.

The primary care-giver should encourage engagement, help provide meals that are nutritious, pamper social communications, and provide activities that stimulate the mind of the patient. While at the same time managing changes in behaviors, honoring who the senior was in life prior to this dreadful disease and supporting the family also turns out to be a great assistance for the patient as well as the family.

Alzheimer Care Services offer assistance with restoring and increasing the little simple pleasures of life – for instance, a walk in the park or a ride in the car or simply spending time in the backyard talking and engaging with the patient. These activities improve abilities and independence of a patient and are considered some of the very best non-medical treatments for those in the beginning stages of this disease.

If the primary care giver needs help, they should get professional help from Alzheimer Care Services or locate a support group in the area. Advancare’s In home Senior Care is a network with a person-centered approach to the care of Alzheimer backed by advanced education and research. This Alzheimer training program is unique and effective, which is developed as part of the CARE or “Changing Aging through Research and Education” program.

There are numerous organizations with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease and offer a great quantity of information, education, and support for affected individuals, caregivers, and families. Approaching them can be one of the best solutions leading to a better care for the patients suffering from the disease, as well as the families trying to provide care and support to them.