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Best Exercises for Seniors at Home in Miami-Dade Area

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Over the years, health professionals have emphasized the value of exercising to maintain an excellent physical shape. Exercising is even more critical as you age. It helps reduce the weakening of muscles, prevents chronic illnesses such as heart disease, and most importantly, helps maintain independence. If you’re above 50 years old, you might be wondering if there are exercises designed for seniors. 

Fair enough, there are exercises for seniors that you can try at home with the help of a caregiver or instructor. At Advancare, our caregivers understand the value of exercising and are more focused on getting you moving more and sitting less. If you’re above 65 years old, we recommend mobility, balance, and general exercises to improve your overall well-being.

Best Exercises for Seniors at Home

Staying active or exercising is not science. Just remember to mix different types of physical activity to keep your workouts as interesting and memorable as possible. To get you started, find the activities you enjoy that can help build your balance, flexibility, and muscle strength.


One of the best forms of exercise for any age is walking. It helps strengthen muscles and promote general wellness. It also lowers the chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, or stroke. Walking is less stressful and relatively easy to do as you can do it in the house, in the backyard, or around the neighborhood.

Water Aerobics

Whether you’re on caregiving services or not, water aerobics can help strengthen your muscles, build flexibility, and improve balance. Some of the great water aerobics we recommend doing with the help of a caregiver include arm curls, aqua jogging, leg lifting, and water push-ups.

Resistance Bands Workouts

Resistance bands are designed to stretch and add resistance to workouts without causing body stress. They are accessible, user-friendly, and growing quite popular among seniors as they are ideal for home workouts.


Pilates is a common form of exercise that was developed a century ago. It involves the use of pilates balls, mats, and other inflated accessories for exercising, alignment, breathing, and concentration.

Chair Yoga

For any senior, exercises that involve standing are not always friendly. Chair yoga is a simple, low-impact form of exercise designed to improve flexibility, balance, and mobility without stressing the muscles. Chair yoga also enhances mental health, offers quality sleep, and lowers depression.

Knowing Your Limits

Seniors should do 3 to 6 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a couple of times a week. Those who have been exercising all their life might find these exercises easy to do every day. However, we do not recommend taking on vigorous-intensity activities such as running, swimming, hiking uphill, or riding a bicycle uphill. It’s also essential to know your limits and avoid workouts that strain your body. Strenuous activities and exercises can lead to joint pains, atrophied muscles, posture, and balance issues.

What To Avoid

Check with your doctor and let them know the type of exercises you will be taking. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes with a good arch. Avoid exercises when not feeling well, and feed well in between your exercises to boost energy. Some of the exercises to avoid include:

  • Bench press
  • Squats with weights or dumbbells
  • Long-distance running
  • Deadlift
  • Rock climbing
  • High interval training

Benefits of Regular Exercises

Exercising is quite essential for seniors as it helps build balance and muscle strength, which are critical for everyday activities. Regular exercise promotes the ability to move, cook, bathe, dress, and do other activities without relying on the care of a caregiver. When you exercise more, you’re likely to be stable and sturdy due to proper balance. That means you won’t fall and get injured. Regular exercise builds muscle strength over time, which in turn increases energy. Exercises also improve brain function and prevent heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Get the Proper Caregiver Services in Miami

At Advancare, we are committed to providing compassionate, in-home senior care for you or your loved one. Whether you need someone to help you exercise and build muscle strength, or someone to take care of a loved one with a short or long-term disability, our carefully selected team can help you achieve that and more. Don’t hesitate to call us at (305) 441-9794 and schedule a free evaluation.


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