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Nurturing Well-being through Indoor Gardening

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As we age, it’s important for us to keep ourselves physically and mentally active. Physical and mental activity is positively correlated with a lower risk of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Further, many of the most common ways to keep physically and mentally active involve others. However, isolation can put you at a higher risk of developing certain chronic health illnesses and conditions and worsen conditions you may already have.

To keep ourselves healthy, we must find activities we enjoy to incorporate into our regular routine. One of the best such activities is indoor gardening.

Why Indoor Gardening is Beneficial for Seniors

Indoor gardening is a great activity for seniors for several reasons. Gardening is a physical activity involving a good deal of movement. As we age, a sedentary lifestyle can, over time, begin to impair our overall mobility. But regular movement, which can include bending, stretching, lifting, and walking, can help keep us in good shape. Fortunately, gardening involves considerable movement and can keep us flexible, strong, and healthy.

Further, we all benefit from learning new things. Learning boosts our mood, helps us feel connected to the wider world, and can be a great way to socialize. Some research indicates that continuous learning can help stave off cognitive decline, dementia, and related conditions. And even experienced gardeners learn new things with each new plant and crop.

Gardening offers us a great opportunity to connect with others. When working with others, you learn about them, share a few laughs, and enjoy each other’s company. Humans are inherently social creatures, and connection is vital to our overall health and well-being. Indoor gardening with a neighbor, friend, or caregiver can be a perfect place to meet new friends and create new memories.

Year-Round Enjoyment

There’s a substantial body of research about the benefits of being in and around nature on our psychological well-being. Frequent exposure to nature can significantly reduce our stress levels, as well as our levels of depression and anxiety. It can also elevate mood and boost our levels of happiness and satisfaction. And when you consider the positive benefits that being in nature, around others, and engaged in physical activity provide, you can clearly see that gardening can have a big positive impact on our health.

Indoor gardening can also help improve the quality of the air we breathe. Plants are natural filters and can help remove harmful gases known as volatile organic compounds from the air. As a result, a well-kept indoor garden can help reduce our risk of developing chronic respiratory ailments.

Best of all, indoor gardening is an activity that can be done year-round. An indoor garden may be as simple as a few potted plants on windowsills to a room filled with indoor terrariums and large potted plants or even a greenhouse. No matter the weather conditions, you can enjoy cultivating your plants and watching them grow each day while enjoying all the benefits gardening provides.

How Seniors Can Build or Maintain Indoor Gardens

You may be new to indoor gardening and just getting started. Or you may already have an indoor garden, but mobility-related or other issues may be preventing you from maintaining it. If either is the case, chances are you’ll benefit from the excellent caregiver services in Miami Advancare provides. Our experienced, well-trained, and friendly caregivers can help you build or maintain your indoor garden and help with other light housekeeping tasks. Our agency provides in-home care services in Miami 24/7, so we have flexible service options for you.

You don’t have to garden alone. And gardening together with an experienced caregiver can be a great addition to your existing daily routine. Contact us today if you’re looking for caregiver services in Miami to help you with indoor gardening or other common household or health-related tasks.

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