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House Cleaning Tips & Decluttering For Miami Seniors

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House Cleaning 101: Decluttering Tips For Miami Seniors

Spring is a great time to give your home a deep clean regardless of your age. Rolling up your sleeves and giving your home a thorough cleaning is a great way to ensure the doldrums of winter are truly behind you.

However, if your home is cluttered, mopping the floors and washing the windows may not be enough. Getting rid of at least some of that clutter may also be a good idea. If you’re reluctant to give up some of your belongings, consider this – decluttering means you’ll have less to clean and keep organized! It also means your home will look nicer and feel more welcoming to you and anyone who might stop by for a visit.

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Create a Checklist

Before you start to physically declutter your home, make a checklist. Having a checklist will enable you to keep track of the progress you’re making as you declutter. It will also keep you motivated because you’ll look forward to crossing off each task on your decluttering to-do list as you complete them.

Start Slowly

Decluttering can be overwhelming, particularly if years have passed since you last attempted it. To avoid feeling that way, start slowly. At the start of the process, devote just five or ten minutes per day to decluttering. As you make progress, you can dedicate more time to the process every day.

Alternatively, set a goal to clear one surface or area per decluttering session. When that’s done, cross it off your checklist and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. By breaking the overall decluttering process down into doable steps, you’ll build momentum and keep your motivation up as you make your way through your home.

Separate Your Things

In general, every item you own will fall into one of four categories: trash, donate, keep, or relocate. To keep your possessions separated in their respective categories, get four boxes and place each item in the appropriate box. When a given box is full, don’t hesitate to take action. For example, if your donate box is full, take it to a non-profit that can benefit from the contents.

If you’re struggling to fill your boxes, you may want to take the 12 x 12 x 12 x 12 challenge. As you probably guessed, winning this challenge requires you to put 12 things in each of your four boxes. While this challenge may not be enough to get you through an entire closet or room, it will help you make noticeable progress.

Ask for Help

Even with all the decluttering tips in the world, some people still struggle with cleaning and organizing their home. If you or a loved one is having difficulty, you’ll be happy to learn that our Southern Florida home-care agency offers housekeeping for seniors.

Our light housekeeping services for seniors include assistance with decluttering. Our talented service providers will even help you organize your things as they help you declutter your home.

If you or your loved one needs help with decluttering and housekeeping, assistance is just a phone call or email away. Advancare proudly offers housekeeping services for seniors throughout Miami-Dade County.

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How Miami Seniors Use Transportation & Errand Services

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How Miami Seniors Benefit from Errand Services

As people age, it may become difficult for them to do everything they’re used to doing without assistance. For some, that difficulty may mean they have to rely on family members or friends for help with their normal daily activities. For others, it might mean they’re forced to put themselves or others at risk by pushing themselves to get their everyday chores done.

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About Our Senior Errand Service

Advancare was founded to provide in-home care for seniors located throughout South Florida. This includes offering an errand service for seniors residing in the Miami-Dade County area.

If you or a loved one can no longer drive or simply don’t feel as competent behind the wheel as you once did, we encourage you to use our senior errand service. This service is available to help the area’s senior citizens complete daily activities, such as going to the grocery store, post office, the hairdresser or barbershop, the dry cleaner, a doctor’s appointment, the pharmacy, or the local mall to pick up a gift. Our errand service is also available to transport you to and from recreational activities.

Reasons to Use Our Errand Service for Seniors

Our errand service benefits both seniors as well as their caregivers. When you book our errand service for a loved one, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family member or friend is getting their errands done without having to drive themselves around town. You’ll also enjoy knowing your loved one is getting their daily tasks done without requiring you to leave work early or miss out on spending time with your kids.

By using our errand service for yourself, you’ll enjoy a greater sense of self-reliance because you can take care of your errands when it’s convenient for you rather than having to wait for a family member or friend to be available. You’ll also benefit from the companionship provided by a highly qualified caregiver who’s dedicated to helping you complete your errands in a safe manner.

When seniors can no longer get around town safely on their own, they may become isolated. If that happens, it can increase the risk that they’ll suffer a physical injury, an illness, or depression. Regular contact with an errand service provider can help to mitigate that risk and enable seniors to stay healthy on both physical and emotional levels in the comfort of their own homes.

Additional Services Offered by Our Miami Home-Care Agency

At Advancare, our goal is to be there for seniors in every way. To achieve that objective, we offer other services in addition to our senior errand service. Meal planning for the elderly, companionship and supportive care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, help with paying bills, and assistance with bathing and grooming are some of the additional services we’re proud to provide for the area’s senior citizens.

To learn more about our senior errand service or the other services we offer to seniors in the Miami area, contact Advancare online or call (305) 441-9794 today!

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Miami Caregiver Explains How To Support Someone With Dementia

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How To Care For Someone With Dementia In Miami, FL

Learning that a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia is distressing for a lot of people. In many cases, getting the diagnosis is just the start of what’s often a challenging journey for the individual with the disease as well as their caregivers.

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While senior dementia care is sometimes riddled with challenges, it’s also rewarding in a countless number of ways. Although your loved one may not be able to thank you for the care you provide, the journey the two of you will share will reward you with tender moments, small and large victories, and lifelong memories.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dementia, and only a limited number of options are available to treat the disease’s symptoms. The care you provide can have the most significant influence on the quality of your loved one’s life as their disease progresses. That influence makes the care you render the greatest gift you can give to them.

Advancare is here for senior dementia care you can rely on. When you partner with our Miami home-care agency, you’ll never be alone in the journey you share with your loved one. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Prepare for the Journey

The moment you learn that someone you care about has dementia, it’s time to act. By preparing for the journey ahead, your loved one will be able to participate in the planning process while they’re still able to think and communicate clearly.

Talk to your loved one about who they want to act as the power of attorney for both their finances and healthcare. Have a lawyer draw up paperwork so the appointed people will be able to make decisions when necessary. 

Discuss who your loved one wants to care for them and where the person will live as their disease advances. Will your loved one live at home at the start and then relocate to an assisted living dementia care unit down the line? Talk to your loved one about the available options so you’ll know what they want even if they can’t communicate in the future.

Create a Support Network

Caring for a person with dementia typically becomes increasingly difficult as the disease progresses. A patient’s moods may swing, their behavior might become unpredictable, and their ability to function independently may literally vanish before your very eyes.

Witnessing your loved one experience the ravages of dementia is taxing to say the least. Adjusting the care you’re providing in concert with changes in your loved one’s condition can take a heavy toll as well. It’s critical that you establish a network that can provide emotional support to carry you through. At least some of the members of your network should be able to step in and provide care for your loved one when you need a break as well.

Stick to a Daily Routine

Many dementia sufferers don’t handle change well. You can limit the amount of stress your loved one experiences by establishing and sticking to a daily routine so that familiar activities are done at the same time and in the same manner every day.

Advancare: Your Source for In-Home Senior Dementia Care

Whether your loved one needs round-the-clock care, daily visits, or respite care, you can trust Advancare to provide senior dementia care for your family member. Advancare–your source to find highly qualified caregivers for your cherished loved one.

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10 Mother’s Day Activities For Seniors in Miami

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10 Mother’s Day Activities for Seniors

Tens of millions of adults in the United States are responsible for caring for seniors in their lives. While many people are happy to care for their senior family members and friends, some aren’t able to keep up with the demands for perfectly valid reasons, such as having to tend to their own children or maintaining a full-time job. 

If you are in the Miami area, we can help!

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If you need help caring for an older friend or family member, our Miami home care agency can help. Our team of qualified caregivers provides all levels of senior care, from occasional respite care to live-in care and all things in between and beyond. To learn more, contact Advancare now.

One of the things we do to ensure the seniors in our charge are well cared for is make sure they’re as active and engaged as possible. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, we thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas about things you can do to keep your mom active and engaged on her special day.

Remember, there’s no reason to wait for a holiday to do something with your mom. The activities listed below are things you can do with your mother any time.

Catch a Game

If your mom is a sports fan, consider taking her to a live game (when attending live sporting events comes back, of course). Even if you’re on a budget, you can still catch a game at a local school or you can watch a game on television while you enjoy your mom’s company.

People Watch

People watching is a fun activity regardless of a person’s age. Take your mother to a nearby park, mall or, another place where people tend to gather and exchange fictional backgrounds about the individuals the two of you observe.

Grab a Meal

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for restaurants in the U.S. Get in on this long-standing trend and take your mom out for a meal.

Stream a Show

Streaming shows isn’t reserved for the young. Choose a show your mom will enjoy and binge watch with her. If you don’t make it through the entire show, you’ll have good reason to visit your mom again so the two of you can wrap up the series over time.

Watch a Movie

If you can’t spend all day streaming a show on Mother’s Day, consider watching a movie with your mom instead.

Go Window Shopping

Like people watching, window shopping is a fun activity for people of all ages. Take your mom to a mall or a downtown area that has boutique shops and enjoy some window shopping. 

Host a Happy Hour

Any activity that has “happy” in its name is bound to be a hit, right? With that in mind, host a happy hour you can enjoy with your mother and some of her closest friends–no alcohol required! If you’d prefer to not host a happy hour, consider hosting an afternoon tea as an alternative.

Listen to Some Tunes

Music is known to evoke memories for a lot of people, including individuals suffering from various types of dementia. Create a playlist that includes some of your mom’s favorite tunes and enjoy the stories she tells as each song plays in the background.

Play a Game

Does your mom have a competitive side? Challenge her to play a game like Monopoly or Yahtzee and see who’ll be declared the reigning champ.

Participate in a Hobby

If your mom has a hobby, consider participating in it with her on Mother’s Day. Whether it’s cooking, crocheting, gardening, or something else, your mother is sure to appreciate your interest in her hobby.

For more ideas about what you can do with your mom on Mother’s Day or to request information about our home care for the elderly, get in touch with Advancare today.

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Dangers of Elderly & Senior Drivers in Miami, FL

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How to Tell if a Senior is Safe to Drive

For many senior citizens, driving is the equivalent of their lifeline to the world that awaits beyond the walls of their homes. Driving allows seniors to get around and pick up the things they need, such as food and medication. Slipping behind the wheel enables them to remain socially engaged with their family members and friends. Being able to transport themselves empowers older drivers to retain their independence and avoid having to burden loved ones with their transportation needs.

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While any one of those things makes a strong enough case on its own for seniors holding onto their driver’s licenses, even the sum of them all isn’t always enough to justify allowing an older loved one to continue to drive. When seniors become a danger to themselves and/or others when they drive, it may be time to pull the plug on their driving privileges no matter how difficult it might be.

If you doubt that some seniors need to relinquish their driving privileges, consider the following. According to AAA, seniors only fall behind teenaged motorists in the context of crash death rate per mile driven. In addition, the crash fatality rate among senior citizens is 17 times higher than it is for people at or between the ages of 25 and 64 years-old.

Signs a Senior is Unsafe Behind the Wheel

Determining whether a senior is safe to drive involves having the ability to recognize the signs that the person is no longer a safe driver. If you notice one or more signs that your older loved one can no longer operate a vehicle safely, it’s time for you to act.

Here are some signs that may indicate a senior is no longer a safe driver:

  • Drifting into other lanes or making sudden lane changes>
  • Braking or stopping for no apparent reason
  • Not reacting to signs or traffic signals quickly enough
  • Confusing the brake and gas pedals or pressing them both at the same time
  • Having trouble seeing pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles or road hazards
  • Driving noticeably below the speed limit when conditions don’t require excessive caution
  • Neck or back problems that make it difficult to turn and monitor conditions around the automobile
  • Getting lost or “turned around” in familiar territory
  • Dents or scratches on the senior’s car or on things near where the person pulls into or out of their driveway or parks
  • Earning multiple tickets or citations in a relatively brief period of time
  • Backing up after missing a turn, even when other cars are or might be approaching from the rear

Advancare – Helping Miami-Dade Seniors Maintain Their Independence

The team at AdvanCare knows how heartbreaking it can be for seniors and their families when older drivers have to give up their licenses. By offering senior care in Miami, FL and surrounding areas, we make the transition to being a non-driver much easier for seniors and their loved ones. When your loved one can no longer drive safely, we’ll step in and transport your family member to their destination.

We offer a senior errand service, which ensures your loved one will have all the supplies they need and that all their everyday tasks are taken care of without putting them at risk for an auto accident. Our team also provides incidental transportation so seniors can get to their doctor’s appointments, go grocery shopping, attend religious services, and engage in other activities.

To learn more about the services we provide that can help you or your loved one continue to be independent without a driver’s license, call (305) 441-9794.

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Long-Term Care Options For Seniors & Elderly in Miami, FL

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Miami’s Long-Term Care Helps Prevent Health Issues in Elderly

You don’t need to be a retiree to know that senior social isolation is a growing problem. Many younger people know it’s a real issue whenever they reach out to their senior family members or contact their favorite teachers from elementary school.

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Sadly, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that about 28 percent of individuals who are 65 years-old or older lived alone at the time the last census was conducted. As time passes and Baby Boomers exit their caregiving years, things may get even worse. 

According to AARP, the population aged 45-64 years-old will only increase by one percent between 2010 and 2030 while the subset of the nation’s population that’s 80 or older will grow by 79 percent. The glaring disparity between those numbers means radically fewer caregivers will be available to tend to the country’s aging population.

The Risks of Social Isolation for Seniors

Social isolation and the resultant feelings of loneliness can have serious consequences for seniors. Whether they’re alone because they’ve retired from the workforce, their spouse has passed, they’re childless or their kids live far away, they have mobility issues, their friends have passed on, or something else limits their ability to socialize, seniors may grapple with loneliness for any number of reasons.

Here are some of the risks that social isolation and loneliness pose for too many senior citizens in the United States and around the world:

  • Premature death: Studies indicate that loneliness is closely linked to life-threatening conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and obesity. When acute symptoms of any one of those conditions or another present themselves, someone who is socially isolated may lack the contacts to recognize them and/or seek help, which could result in premature death.
  • Poor health: Loneliness can have a negative impact on a person’s physical and mental health. Cognitive decline, depression, and the onset of dementia are just a few of the possible neurologic impacts that may result from social isolation.
  • Loneliness spreads: While it might not seem possible since it’s not a virus or germ, research shows that loneliness can be passed from one person to another. In other words, one lonely person can cause others to feel socially isolated and put them as risk for the negative consequences that feeling lonely can produce.

Advancare: Your Source for Home Help for Seniors in Miami-Dade County

Making sure seniors have the long-term care they need to remain engaged and social is vital to the well-being of your senior family members. Advancare is proud to provide in-home services for seniors located throughout Miami-Dade County.

Our talented team provides all sorts of senior home care in Miami, FL and surrounding areas every day. We offer help with bathing and grooming and assistance with paying bills, meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping and more.

When you reach out to Advancare to arrange long-term care for an aging family member or friend, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive the care necessary to prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness. And your loved one won’t just benefit from care today. Your family member or friend will receive loving, informed care to keep them social over the long-haul.

To make arrangements for long-term care for yourself or someone else, contact Advancare now.

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5 Fun Senior Activities in Miami To Stay Active & Healthy

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Activities Keeping Miami’s Elderly Happy & Healthy

No matter what your current age might be, it’s wise to maintain an active lifestyle. Given the benefits that staying active can yield, an active lifestyle may be even more important for senior citizens.

Here are some of the benefits that staying active can yield for seniors:

  • Reduced risk of stroke, obesity, diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Elevated mood and outlook
  • Greater physical strength
  • Better balance
  • Enhanced self-worth

Knowing that being active can yield meaningful results for seniors is one thing. Actually developing an active lifestyle is quite another. Luckily, the team at Advancare has some ideas that can help you get going.

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Join a Gym

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that seniors get at least two hours and 30 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise every week. Using exercise equipment commonly found at a gym such as a treadmill can make working out easier on joints because it softens the pounding your knees, hips, and ankles will experience.

Don’t limit your workouts to aerobic exercises exclusively. You should also engage in strength-building activities such as weightlifting or resistance training and balance activities like tai chi several times per week.


All types of charities exist that rely on help from volunteers, such as shelters, soup kitchens, and animal rescues, to name just a few examples. To stay active, consider volunteering at one or several local charities.

Welcome a Dog into Your Home

Dogs of all sizes, breeds, and mixes need daily activity just like you do. To ensure you go for a walk at least twice a day, why not welcome a dog into your home? 

If you like that idea but don’t look forward to being responsible for a companion animal on a permanent basis, consider fostering a pet until the dog finds a forever home. Are you worried about a dog being too excitable for you to handle? If so, you may want to adopt one of the many senior dogs that populate shelters and rescues throughout the United States.

Engage in Activities That Stimulate the Mind Alone or with Others

There are plenty of things you can do alone or with others that will stimulate your mind and keep you engaged. If you’re on your own, visit the local library and catch up on all the reading you may have put off for years or investigate the assisted living options for seniors that are available in your area in case you need to make a change down the line.

Playing cards or board games like Scrabble with others is a great way to engage your mind. If your friends are up for an adventure, plan a road trip to a destination you haven’t visited before. Going out to eat with your comrades, attending a sporting event or a show, starting and managing a community garden, creating a social group for people who have an interest in one of your hobbies – the list of activities you can enjoy with others is only limited by your imagination.

Let Our Miami-Dade Home Care Agency Help Keep You Active

If mobility issues are preventing you from being active, Advancare can help. We offer companion care, help with errands, incidental transportation, and other services that can allow you to be active and engaged in and outside your home.

Advancare – the home care agency for active seniors in and around Miami, FL.

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Miami’s Innovative Music Therapy Helping Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients

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Six Benefits of Music Therapy for Miami Seniors

Music is more than something that can get your blood pumping at the club or a means to entertain you as you’re cruising down the highway. When used properly, music can also be a form of therapy that can benefit people of all ages, including senior citizens.

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What is Music Therapy?

If you’ve never thought of music in a therapeutic sense, it may be difficult for you to think of it as a kind of therapy. Knowing what music therapy is can give you a clearer picture of its therapeutic applications, however. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is, “an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals.”

How Music Therapy Can Help

When music therapy is part of senior care in Miami and other locations, it can provide some meaningful benefits to people who participate in it. Even people who aren’t particularly fond of music can benefit from this type of therapy!

Cognitive Skills

Many people associate music with events from their past, which means music can bring memories from years ago to the front of a person’s mind. Even when a dementia patient can’t communicate anymore, music has been proven to be an effective treatment for evoking positive responses and increasing engagement.


As it progresses, music therapy can help older participants improve their speech and enhance their ability to respond to inquiries and make decisions. Music therapy can slow the deterioration of language skills in people who have dementia and it can help individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to recognize and/or hum their favorite tunes even after they lose their speech abilities.

Motor Skills

Music and dancing go hand in hand, which means music therapy can get senior participants up, moving around and socializing. Even if patients lack the mobility to dance, they can still tap to the beat of the music or clap their hands.

Socialization Opportunities

Music therapy involves plenty of chances for seniors to interact with their therapists and other patients. The socialization opportunities that are inherently available in music therapy sessions can help seniors ward off feelings of being isolated, lonely or depressed, which can improve their physical health and sense of mental well-being.

Stress Management

People suffering from dementia don’t always handle changes to their daily routines well. Music therapy can help patients adjust to changes in a calm, non-aggressive manner.

Grief Management

Music therapists can help terminal patients transition to the afterlife in a more relaxed state by playing songs that reduce their physical pain and emotional distress. They can also help a patient’s family members manage their grief with the help of music by making a legacy gift of a CD that includes their dying loved one’s favorite songs or by composing a song that celebrates the patient’s life.

Elderly Companion Care by Advancare

Music therapy is often part of the elderly companion care we provide for seniors living throughout Miami-Dade County. If therapy sessions are held outside of the home, our team can transport you or your loved one to the appropriate medical facility whenever a music therapy session is scheduled.

Call (305) 441-9794 the proven source for compassionate senior care in Miami, FL and surrounding areas.

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Grandparents Babysitting Grandchildren Could Lower Risk for Alzheimer’s

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Your children love spending time with grandma and grandpa, which is great for everyone involved. Now, new scientific research has revealed that grandparents babysitting grandchildren could actually lower the risk of Alzheimer’s.

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Tips on Long Distance Care

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Tips for Long Distance Senior Care

Caring for far away loved ones can be quite the challenge. If you live far away from someone that you care about and they need constant attention, then check out some of these helpful long distance senior care tips. It is always important to understand how your loved one may feel about being cared for from a distance. The most crucial thing you can do is put yourself in their shoes and take into account how they feel about the situation. Your life will be affected, but theirs will be affected even more than yours. Always keep this in mind, even when caring from someone close by. These things are not always easy to deal with and it is important to remember what matters most to you and your loved one: being there for each other and loving one another.

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