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For older adults with cognitive issues, bath time can be challenging. Bathing a confused older adult may be difficult, as the senior may feel confused or threatened and react with resistance, screaming or even hitting.

However, grooming is essential for preventing dermatological issues that could lead to serious infections.

Senior Care Assistance Services

Advancare’s professional in-home caregivers are specially trained in senior assistance and all aspects of bathing and grooming, including:

  • Dressing
  • Skin care assistance
  • Hair care assistance
  • Providing a stable bath environment
  • Transferring to and from the bathtub
  • And more

…and more. We can make sure that water temperatures are appropriate and that all bathroom essentials are available so that your loved one is not left unsupervised.

The Important of Bathing and Grooming

There are many reasons why your loved one’s grooming and bathing habits may have changed. They may be fearful of falling in the shower or bathtub; mobility might make it difficult for them to wash their hair; they may have cut themselves shaving or be unable to grip a razor properly. No matter the reason, grooming and bathing is important in health management.

Failing to keep up with bathing and grooming can lead to serious skin conditions, such as:

  • Senile purpura
  • Stasis dermatitis
  • Exfoliative dermatitis

Skin infections and noncancerous growths are also common among the elderly.

As a person ages, their skin becomes thinner and loses fat. Scratches, cuts and bruises can take longer to heal. Along with good grooming habits, seniors should always wear sunblock when spending time outdoors and keep hydrated with liquids.

The senior assistance professionals at Advancare know how important it is for your loved one to receive the bathing and grooming they need. If your loved one has started to show any signs of poor grooming habits, have an option conversation with them about what their needs.

They may be uncomfortable with getting assistance, but Advancare can make sure their senior assistance needs are taken care of by someone they are comfortable with.

As grooming does not stop after a bath, we can assist with making sure your loved one’s hair is combed and dried, their skin moisturized and nails trimmed neatly.

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