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10 Father’s Day Activities for Seniors in Miami

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10 Father’s Day Activities for Seniors in Miami

Today, it seems like there’s a holiday for just about everything. National Workaholics Day is July 5th, for example, and National Pet Day is April 11th. While those holidays may be new to some people, other holidays have been around much longer. One such holiday is Father’s Day.

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First celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Washington State, Father’s Day became a national holiday in 1972. Although many retailers capitalize on the holiday with themed gifts, Father’s Day is meant to be more than an occasion to spend money on manly presents. The holiday is intended to be a celebration of the love and gratitude children and grandchildren have for their fathers and granddads.

Whether you have limitless resources or you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the relationship you have with your grandfather & father this Father’s Day. The key to making the holiday extra special is to pick an activity your granddad will enjoy with you by his side.

Catch a Game

Is your grandfather a sports fan? Why not take him to see a game? If there are no games scheduled in your area or your granddad isn’t able to climb stairs to get to your seats, you can watch a game on TV in the comfort of his home.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Mother Nature provides a generous number of opportunities for you to spend some quality time with your grandfather. You can take a light hike, go fishing or people-watch in a nearby park, to name just a few possible outdoor activities.

Visit the Mall

If you’re concerned about your granddad’s ability to tolerate the elements outside, consider taking him to the mall for a stroll. Malls are climate controlled and they have plenty of places to sit if your grandfather needs to take a break.

Make His Favorite Dish

The adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” has been around for a while for a reason. With that in mind, show your grandfather how much you care about him by making him his favorite meal.

Attend an Event

Check the local paper to see if any events are scheduled for Father’s Day that your grandfather might enjoy. Car shows, festivals, concerts – there are any number of things that may be on the calendar for the holiday.

Play a Board Game

Board games are a great way to spend time together. Pick a game your granddad will like and challenge him to play!

Host a Card Game

If your grandfather doesn’t get to see his buddies as often as he used to, consider inviting his friends over and hosting a card game. With so many variants of poker to choose from, the fun can continue into the wee hours of the morning.

Play Mini Golf

Mini golf is a wonderful way to get your granddad moving without causing him to push himself past his limits. Take him to play and surprise him by hiring our Miami-area elderly care service to do some light housekeeping while you’re out on the course.

Watch a Movie

Whether it’s an old classic or a recent blockbuster, celebrate Father’s Day by watching a movie with your grandfather. Just remember to bring some tasty popcorn you two can share.

Take a Winery Tour

Taking a tour of a winery is a fantastic idea for spending time with your granddad on Father’s Day. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance in case the tour sells out.

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