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How Miami Seniors Use Transportation & Errand Services

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How Miami Seniors Benefit from Errand Services

As people age, it may become difficult for them to do everything they’re used to doing without assistance. For some, that difficulty may mean they have to rely on family members or friends for help with their normal daily activities. For others, it might mean they’re forced to put themselves or others at risk by pushing themselves to get their everyday chores done.

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About Our Senior Errand Service

Advancare was founded to provide in-home care for seniors located throughout South Florida. This includes offering an errand service for seniors residing in the Miami-Dade County area.

If you or a loved one can no longer drive or simply don’t feel as competent behind the wheel as you once did, we encourage you to use our senior errand service. This service is available to help the area’s senior citizens complete daily activities, such as going to the grocery store, post office, the hairdresser or barbershop, the dry cleaner, a doctor’s appointment, the pharmacy, or the local mall to pick up a gift. Our errand service is also available to transport you to and from recreational activities.

Reasons to Use Our Errand Service for Seniors

Our errand service benefits both seniors as well as their caregivers. When you book our errand service for a loved one, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family member or friend is getting their errands done without having to drive themselves around town. You’ll also enjoy knowing your loved one is getting their daily tasks done without requiring you to leave work early or miss out on spending time with your kids.

By using our errand service for yourself, you’ll enjoy a greater sense of self-reliance because you can take care of your errands when it’s convenient for you rather than having to wait for a family member or friend to be available. You’ll also benefit from the companionship provided by a highly qualified caregiver who’s dedicated to helping you complete your errands in a safe manner.

When seniors can no longer get around town safely on their own, they may become isolated. If that happens, it can increase the risk that they’ll suffer a physical injury, an illness, or depression. Regular contact with an errand service provider can help to mitigate that risk and enable seniors to stay healthy on both physical and emotional levels in the comfort of their own homes.

Additional Services Offered by Our Miami Home-Care Agency

At Advancare, our goal is to be there for seniors in every way. To achieve that objective, we offer other services in addition to our senior errand service. Meal planning for the elderly, companionship and supportive care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, help with paying bills, and assistance with bathing and grooming are some of the additional services we’re proud to provide for the area’s senior citizens.

To learn more about our senior errand service or the other services we offer to seniors in the Miami area, contact Advancare online or call (305) 441-9794 today!

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