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What Services Do Seniors Need Most?

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Aging comes with many challenges that are mainly inevitable. The golden years are associated with inactivity, less energy, and little or no motivation to do the tasks you enjoyed when you were younger. Normal duties like cooking and cleaning can quickly become tiresome, which can be problematic for your overall health. For many people, maintaining a sense of empowerment ultimately leads to the decision to age in place.

However, this can be pretty daunting if you’re unable to care for yourself. That’s why Advancare is here to help you with your home care needs. Our caregivers can help run errands for you, manage your medication, perform housekeeping tasks, and provide comfort and companionship. If you or your senior loved one needs help in their daily life, here are some of the services they can enjoy with home care service in Miami.

Mobility Resources and Strategies

Seniors are susceptible to falls due to their weakening bones and muscles. If you notice you’re slowly losing balance and posture, consider organizing mobility aids such as walking sticks. You also want to have a clean, clutter-free home with warm lights that improve visibility. Other changes include moving your bed from upstairs to downstairs to avoid climbing the stairs every day. You can also widen doorways for wheelchairs, install handrails on showers and add ramps. 

Home Maintenance and Cleaning

Everyone deserves to live in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. For senior adults, managing their homes can be a challenge as they may not have the energy they used to have.  For this reason, they will need to incorporate housekeeping services into their lifestyle to help ensure their homes stay clean.

Having professionals take care of the monthly deep cleaning and weekly dusting can bring a huge difference in eliminating the risk of slips and falls when cleaning. You also want to check into home maintenance needs such as mowing the lawn, changing light bulbs, shoveling the snow, and other routine maintenance needs. You can have a family member or caregiver handle those tasks to keep the residence safe, comfortable, and accident-free.

Personal Care Standards

If you have difficulty taking a shower, dressing up, or feeding yourself, you will need someone to do these things for you. You can have a family member or a caregiver assist you. Our caregivers at Advancare can help take care of your bathing and grooming needs.

Senior Transportation

If you enjoy traveling or visiting other people, you don’t have to give up your hobby and isolate yourself due to old age. If you’re not in the best physical and mental shape to get a driving license and drive, you can get a caregiver to get you where you want to go. Whether you want to attend your granddaughter’s wedding or need to change your life insurance’s primary beneficiary, and incidental transportation service can be a great option.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Healthy nutrition plays a significant role in a senior’s life. Your body requires special nutrition to help keep you strong and healthy. You can have a family member create meal plans and prepare nutritious meals. They can also organize meal delivery services to ensure you enjoy regular nutritious meals every day.

Medication Management

Aging is often associated with chronic illnesses that require medication to keep your body healthy and strong. These medications can quickly pile up, and you may need help keeping track of daily medication requirements. Caregivers can help by scheduling and tracking the related doctor appointments and checkups.

Get in Touch With Advancare

Whether you need medication management, bathing assistance, housekeeping services, or other home care services, Advancare is here to help. Our professional caregivers can help you live comfortably, safely, and happily in your home, giving your family the peace of mind they deserve. Contact us at (305) 441-9794, and we will be happy to help.


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