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Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson’s Disease Patients

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Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson's Disease Patients

Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Families can wind up feeling pretty overwhelmed when one of the family members suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. This brain disorder affects the individual’s ability to control their muscles, balance and movement. Although strides are being made in finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, and certain medications and treatments can help to minimize its symptoms, it’s important to consider qualified professional in-home care in order to meet the many challenges presented by a family member living with Parkinson’s Disease.

A skilled and compassionate caregiver can reduce the amount of stress and strain on other family members, in addition to giving peace of mind to the individual suffering from Parkinson’s that they know they have someone they can count on to make their home life as comfortable as possible. There are numerous benefits to having in-home care for a family member with Parkinson’s Disease.

An in-home caregiver can provide personal supervision for a person whose gait has become unsteady or who has issues with their balance due to Parkinson’s effect on their muscular coordination. This supervision can prevent slips, falls and accidents which only make a person’s health deteriorate even more. Another important benefit provided by home caregivers is consistent nutritious meal planning, since those with Parkinson’s Disease have special nutritional needs in order to keep their bones strong and their muscles healthy.

A person with Parkinson’s Disease usually needs one-on-one assistance with even the simplest daily chore or activity that most of us take for granted. An in-home caregiver can assist with everything from bathing and grooming needs to getting dressed, making a trip to the bathroom, getting outside for a short walk for exercise, and reducing the amount of challenges experienced while eating.

Another very important reason to use a home caregiver is to encourage the Parkinson’s patient to keep up with daily exercise routines designed to help maintain their balance, strength and mobility. Since many Parkinson’s Disease patients reach a point when they can no longer operate a motor vehicle, it is extremely helpful to have the services of a caregiver who can drive the individual to doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions or other places where they need to travel.

One of the most important benefits that professional in-home care provides is relief for the spouse or other family members from the daily demands that the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease presents. The individual with Parkinson’s feels like less of a burden and other family members won’t resent having to serve as a full-time nurse to a family member experiencing this difficult neurodegenerative disorder.

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