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Be a Fit and Active Senior

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Getting older comes with many changes that can be tough to get used to. If you were once an active adult, you may find it hard to adapt to the decreased mobility that comes with aging. No matter what your situation is, it is important to stay as active as possible. Getting older can be tough on your body, but staying fit can help to prevent many health issues that might reveal themselves with time.


Because we put your safety and well being above all else here at Advancare, we have decided to provide you with some tips and ideas to keep you active and healthy. Check back with us every week to find new fitness ideas and safety techniques that are sure to keep you on the right track without getting you hurt.

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It is suggested that all people, including seniors, get at least 30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise in most days. As little as 15 minutes a day can greatly improve your strength and agility, and it can even increase your life expectancy. If you have trouble adhering to these suggested timeframes, try doing little 5-minute workouts and slowly build your way up to 15 or 30-minute daily workouts. It is important to make it a routine so that your body can properly adjust to the tensions put on it by the new physical activities. We suggest walking around your neighborhood or at a park with a walking trail. Be sure to follow the proper safety precautions. If you routinely need assistance, bring someone along with you to ensure your safety in case of a fall, dizziness, or extreme fatigue. Always bring enough water with you to prevent dehydration, and try not to exercise at night due to the lack of visibility.


Some of the topics we plan to cover are:


  • Aerobic and cardio techniques
  • Safe exercising
  • Safe weight training
  • Fun sports for seniors
  • Proper stretching techniques
  • Tips for mental well-being
  • Profiles on caregivers and clients
  • Making a fitness schedule
  • Time management tips
  • Balance exercises to prevent falls
  • Tips in case of an emergency


Throughout the process, we would love to hear some of your favorite fitness tips and stories. Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. If your tips or stories catch our eye, we might use them in one of our general posts or even one of our customer profiles.

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