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3 Reasons Seniors Should Make New Year’s Resolutions

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A Happy New Year to You and Yours from Advancare!

With a new year approaching, it’s time for folks of all ages to start thinking about their new year’s resolutions. It’s a time-honored tradition that’s just as important as decking the halls and spending time with family over the holidays, and it is beneficial no matter your age. As home health aides who help seniors age in place, our team of compassionate Miami senior caregivers has a firsthand understanding of how a positive resolution can start a new year off on the right foot.

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Benefits of New Year’s Resolutions

The following are the top three benefits of making new year’s resolutions, no matter your age.

Resolutions Provide Purpose

Everybody wants their life to have a purpose. Besides providing motivation, a sense of purpose provides us with health benefits. There have been studies that show people with purposeful lives are two to four times less likely to develop conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Having a purpose can also lead you to be more organized and disciplined. Seniors with purpose are typically more physically healthy and have better strength.

Resolutions Make Us Happier

The simple act of writing down your desires, hopes, and thoughts has been shown to greatly improve our mood and outlook on life. Making new year’s resolutions helps seniors enter the new year with a positive, upbeat attitude, and it sets the foundation for a successful, healthy year ahead.

Resolutions Strengthen Relationships

Like many things in life, senior new year’s resolutions are best when they are shared with friends and family members. Making mutual resolutions, whether that’s with a spouse, children, friends, or Miami in-home caregivers, can help seniors strengthen the bonds that bind them together. For instance, senior spouses can resolve to do a hobby together.

Resolutions You Can Make as a Family

It can help some seniors meet their new year’s resolutions if they are resolutions that are made by the entire family. Here are some ideas of resolutions that your entire family can make.

  • 10 minutes of exercise daily: Even doing a small amount of exercise every day can have tremendous health benefits. You and your senior loved ones can commit to exercises such as cycling, jogging, or following an online workout routine.
  • Quitting smoking: Smoking leads to a variety of negative health outcomes. Nicotine is notoriously addictive, and as such, it sometimes requires the assistance of family members to quit smoking.
  • Spend time with grandchildren: Research shows that elderly individuals who spend more quality time with their grandchildren live longer and have better physical and mental health outcomes than those who do not. Take the time to arrange playdates to increase the quality time spent with family.

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

One of the most difficult aspects of new year’s resolutions is committing to them and making them stick. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a specific goal, like improving nutrition and meal preparation
  • Limit your resolutions to a smaller number of reasonable goals
  • Remember to plan
  • Start with small, incremental steps
  • Avoid repeating past failures
  • Get support, even if it’s something as simple as incidental transportation in Miami to see friends and family more often

New Year’s Resolution and In-Home Senior Care

During our visits to your senior’s home, our senior caregivers can help them keep their resolutions. Contact Advancare at 305-441-9794 for more information.

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