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What are the Options for Care of an Elderly Person?

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What Are Home Care Options For My Loved Ones in Miami?

When your elderly loved ones have an increasing need for personal, individualized health care, you will find yourself with a variety of different care options. It can be difficult to evaluate an older adult’s living needs and abilities, which is compounded by the reluctance of some older adults to accept any kind of extra care. Senior care options can range from in-home health care to home care to nursing homes. The differences between these options are subtle, but choosing the right one is important for the health and wellness of your loved senior. 

Here at Advancare, we are a Miami, FL company providing a variety of senior home care services. Our professional caregivers would like to share the different home care options for seniors so that you can choose the right one for their physical and mental health. 

The three most common senior home health services options that you will encounter are in-home care, home health, and nursing homes. Here is an overview of the three. 

In-Home Care

If your loved one wants to stay in their home and retain some independence but still requires assistance from time to time, in-home care is the option that you will want to choose. Whether they have a physical illness or a disorder like Alzheimer’s, some seniors require help with tasks such as light housekeeping, incidental transportation, running errands, and meal preparation. 

Tasks such as these are what home health aid services in Miami such as Advancare aim to accomplish. In-home care services provide companionship and help for seniors who need assistance with everyday activities. Because the level of care required can vary greatly from senior to senior, most agencies will be able to customize their services to fit the needs of their clients.  

Home Health Care

Home health care can be defined as clinical, medical supervision provided by a licensed professional caregiver. Professionals involved in home health care can include practical nurses, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Compared to in-home care, which is mostly used by seniors who need occasional assistance, home health care is for seniors who have more pressing health needs. Seniors in situations such as these can also benefit from home health:

  • Seniors recently discharged from rehabilitation, a hospital stay, or skilled nursing facility
  • Elderly people who need monitoring after a medication change
  • Seniors who require physical or occupational therapy

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes differ from the previous options in that they are dedicated facilities where seniors live full-time and receive around-the-clock assistance or health care. There are different types of nursing homes, including skilled nursing facilities, memory care facilities, and continuing-care communities. 

Miami, FL In-Home Care

The services provided by Advancare are the perfect solution for seniors who want to age in place but because of illness or chronic conditions, need support to remain at home safely. Our licensed caregivers provide a wide variety of services including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, care companionship, and running errands. 

To learn more about our senior care services, contact Advancare at (305) 441-9794. 

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