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Benefits of Board Games for Seniors in Miami-Dade

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Board games can be particularly entertaining for both young and old people. They help keep your mind sharp and entertained in a meaningful way. That’s why Advancare encourages seniors to play games and interact with other people instead of isolating themselves. Board games allow you to start and build relationships, encourage, comfort, and start a conversation with other seniors, which reduces the development of stress, memory loss, depression, dementia, and other mental problems. A British Medical Journal Study reports that seniors who play board games are 15% less likely to develop dementia than non-players. Read on to learn other benefits of board games for seniors in Miami-Dade.

Why Seniors Love a Good Game Night

Whether you’re playing with your caregiver, children, grandchildren, or other seniors, you can still reap the benefits of these games. Many seniors find board games entertaining, particularly when they play with their loved ones. These games help them socialize, which significantly improves their health and relationships with other people. Below are the top benefits of board games.

Connect with Loved Ones

Games offer the best forms of entertainment, as all games are designed to be enjoyable. Seniors looking to pass time can play games as they spend quality time with their loved ones. Since each game requires the participation of other people, games indirectly encourage socialization with the people around you. They bring friends, children, and grandchildren together, eliminating the feelings of depression, loneliness, and isolation which are quite common among the elderly. You can also gather around other seniors and engage in meaningful conversations during the game, which can benefit your personal life.

Stress Reduction

Board games create more happiness and reduce stress. Playing together means having light moments with your loved ones, which helps relax the body and mind.  Being happy lowers blood pressure and creates a stronger immune system. It also helps people who struggle with anxiety as the game provides adequate distraction with plenty of fun. As a result, board games reduce stress and improve calmness and focus.

Playing these games triggers the production of endorphins—the happy hormones—which help improve conscious and unconscious mind functions, leaving a person feeling compassionate, cheerful, and ultimately satisfied. A study that focused on the effects of Jigsaw puzzles on older adults found that the regulation of distressing emotions through Jigsaw puzzling can prevent chronic stress.

Board Games for Senior Keeps the Brain Active

Older adults require plenty of brain exercise as they grow to prevent mental health problems. Most games strengthen a player’s cognitive skills by stimulating the mind. You will experience an increased mental activity from memory to creativity. Remember, memory loss is a major concern as you grow older. Board games can help combat memory loss by improving cognitive skills. Working with letters, numbers, shapes, and words stimulates the brain and actively challenges it. In simpler terms, games help seniors to stay sharp.

Improves Dexterity

Sometimes, even the simplest task, such as holding a cup of coffee using one hand, can be a problem when you grow older. Holding or shuffling cards can be an excellent way to exercise and strengthen coordination. Some games require participants to think fast and act quickly to win or stay in the game. This helps improve coordination and relaxation.

Get in Touch for Homecare Games and Fun

Are you struggling to live independently? Do you need some company to play board games with or someone to talk to? Advancare has a solution for you. Our highly trained caregivers can help you with everyday tasks, companionship, errands, and other activities to make your sunset years more comfortable. We’re committed to providing compassionate care for all Miami-Dade seniors. Please contact us today to schedule a free evaluation.


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