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Skills Every Caregiver Should Master

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We all know that caregiving is a hard task. You have devote majority of your time to taking care of your senior while trying to keep up with daily chores, increasing amount of improvements, trends and innovations in the field of caregiving and your own health. However, this could be dealt with by knowing the proper skills to utilize and master and when you do so, you will find out that being a caregiving can be satisfying and fulfilling as a profession.

skills every caregiver should master

Like nurses, caregivers also have to go on what they call as patient rounding. In fact, it is one of the best known and most widely adopted practice in fostering caregiver and senior relationship, much like its nurse-patient relationship in nursing practice. However, the problem is how to emphasize a good and effective rounding practice. It has to be something that will make caregivers not only proactive but also allow them to be happier with their duties because of less paperwork and reduced amounts of follow-ups.

One skill that every caregiver should put into mind is knowing what is being expected of them. This would help create a sense of readiness in the workplace and allow the caregiver to focus on the tasks set up for them. This is extremely helpful because not only will one be motivated but since it will reflect in one’s actions, it will also present a positive impact to everyone including your senior.

Given that seniors sometimes have bad memory because of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, they could have a hard time adjusting whenever the change in shifts happen. Often times, this will evolve into physical or verbal tantrums with their caregiver and could ultimately hurt both parties. So to avoid such scenarios, it is suggested that using scripts such as introductory cards or even the simple, ‘Hi/Hello, my name is (you name) and I’ll be your caregiver today” or “I’m just making sure you’re getting great care”.

In relation to that, caregivers should always place their best foot forward especially in the area of communication. These are seniors we are talking about. Unlike other people, the majority of seniors do not have the liberty of having good eyesight and hearing, that’s why it is important for caregivers to place a significant impact on their communication skills. However, this is not only limited to verbal but also to non-verbal communication. This is because seniors are also, aside from being impaired on certain senses, highly sensitive when it comes to body language. That’s why it is important for one to be sensitive on their body language.

Finally, the last skill caregivers should master is patience. Being sent to live in a nursing home or to be given a caregiver is a big step for any family. Not only is their loved one entrusted into the care of a stranger, but they are also spending money and effort to care for someone they love. Furthermore, for seniors this change can be anxiety-inducing and their reaction are simply normal reactions, so that’s why caregivers should always stretch their patience the best they can for them.

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