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How To Increase Engagement During Old Age in Miami

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How to Keep Your Loved Ones Socially Connected As They Age in Miami

As your elderly loved ones have aged, it is likely that you have noticed some changes in their behavior. Living a well-rounded, active lifestyle is an important part of maintaining the good health of seniors. Getting enough emotional, physical, and intellectual stimulation can be difficult for seniors who live alone at home, which is why many Miami families choose to hire a professional caregiver to complete activities with seniors. 

Here at Advancare, our team of caregivers understand how to engage seniors, whether that is mentally, physically, or emotionally. Here are some ways in which we do it, as well as why engaging seniors is so important. 


Why Do Seniors Need to Stay Engaged During Old Age?


For the most part, active seniors are healthy seniors. People who remain connected with others and engaged with the world have been shown to be healthier physically. Seniors who exercise regularly have higher spirits, and exercise also has the benefit of getting them into social environments where they can interact with other seniors. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get seniors out of the house or to participate in activities, which is where our caregivers enter the picture. 


Different Channels of Engagement


When it comes to keeping your senior engaged, there is more than one method of doing so. Interaction and engagement come from multiple channels, including:

Online/Skype/Virtual: These days, virtual meetups are becoming increasingly common. Our caregivers can help get the technology set up so that your senior can communicate with loved ones virtually. 

In the Community: Community engagement can occur from volunteering and participating in group meetups. 

In Activities: Completing activities or playing games with friends or a caregiver can help a senior stay engaged socially and physically. 


Our Caregivers Provide Creative Ways to Keep Your Loved Ones Engaged


Here are a few ways in which our team of qualified Miami caregivers keep your loved ones engaged. 

  • Outdoor activities: Even a simple activity such as going on a walk can do a lot to lift one’s spirits. 
  • Crafts and games: Crafts and games are both socially and intellectually engaging. 
  • Trivia: Helps with memory recall and brain stimulation
  • Exercise: Working out has both physical and social benefits
  • Friends and outings: Seniors can also utilize our incidental transportation service to go visit friends and loved ones. 


Caregiver Responsibilities


The responsibility of the Advancare caregivers largely will depend on the needs of your loved one. If you think your senior needs more physical exercise, we will go on walks with them or engage in other physical activity. If intellectual stimulation is what is needed, then we will play games or do brain activities with them. 

All of the caregivers at Advancare are the most committed, highly qualified, and carefully selected caregivers in the Miami area. 


Get in Touch with Caregivers that Enhance Quality of Life for Your Loved Ones


No matter what type of engagement your loved ones require, the caregivers at Advancare are here to help. Simply give us a call at 305-441-9794 to get started with us. 

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