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5 Fun Senior Activities in Miami To Stay Active & Healthy

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Activities Keeping Miami’s Elderly Happy & Healthy

No matter what your current age might be, it’s wise to maintain an active lifestyle. Given the benefits that staying active can yield, an active lifestyle may be even more important for senior citizens.

Here are some of the benefits that staying active can yield for seniors:

  • Reduced risk of stroke, obesity, diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Elevated mood and outlook
  • Greater physical strength
  • Better balance
  • Enhanced self-worth

Knowing that being active can yield meaningful results for seniors is one thing. Actually developing an active lifestyle is quite another. Luckily, the team at Advancare has some ideas that can help you get going.

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Join a Gym

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that seniors get at least two hours and 30 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise every week. Using exercise equipment commonly found at a gym such as a treadmill can make working out easier on joints because it softens the pounding your knees, hips, and ankles will experience.

Don’t limit your workouts to aerobic exercises exclusively. You should also engage in strength-building activities such as weightlifting or resistance training and balance activities like tai chi several times per week.


All types of charities exist that rely on help from volunteers, such as shelters, soup kitchens, and animal rescues, to name just a few examples. To stay active, consider volunteering at one or several local charities.

Welcome a Dog into Your Home

Dogs of all sizes, breeds, and mixes need daily activity just like you do. To ensure you go for a walk at least twice a day, why not welcome a dog into your home? 

If you like that idea but don’t look forward to being responsible for a companion animal on a permanent basis, consider fostering a pet until the dog finds a forever home. Are you worried about a dog being too excitable for you to handle? If so, you may want to adopt one of the many senior dogs that populate shelters and rescues throughout the United States.

Engage in Activities That Stimulate the Mind Alone or with Others

There are plenty of things you can do alone or with others that will stimulate your mind and keep you engaged. If you’re on your own, visit the local library and catch up on all the reading you may have put off for years or investigate the assisted living options for seniors that are available in your area in case you need to make a change down the line.

Playing cards or board games like Scrabble with others is a great way to engage your mind. If your friends are up for an adventure, plan a road trip to a destination you haven’t visited before. Going out to eat with your comrades, attending a sporting event or a show, starting and managing a community garden, creating a social group for people who have an interest in one of your hobbies – the list of activities you can enjoy with others is only limited by your imagination.

Let Our Miami-Dade Home Care Agency Help Keep You Active

If mobility issues are preventing you from being active, Advancare can help. We offer companion care, help with errands, incidental transportation, and other services that can allow you to be active and engaged in and outside your home.

Advancare – the home care agency for active seniors in and around Miami, FL.

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Miami’s Innovative Music Therapy Helping Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients

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Six Benefits of Music Therapy for Miami Seniors

Music is more than something that can get your blood pumping at the club or a means to entertain you as you’re cruising down the highway. When used properly, music can also be a form of therapy that can benefit people of all ages, including senior citizens.

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What is Music Therapy?

If you’ve never thought of music in a therapeutic sense, it may be difficult for you to think of it as a kind of therapy. Knowing what music therapy is can give you a clearer picture of its therapeutic applications, however. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is, “an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals.”

How Music Therapy Can Help

When music therapy is part of senior care in Miami and other locations, it can provide some meaningful benefits to people who participate in it. Even people who aren’t particularly fond of music can benefit from this type of therapy!

Cognitive Skills

Many people associate music with events from their past, which means music can bring memories from years ago to the front of a person’s mind. Even when a dementia patient can’t communicate anymore, music has been proven to be an effective treatment for evoking positive responses and increasing engagement.


As it progresses, music therapy can help older participants improve their speech and enhance their ability to respond to inquiries and make decisions. Music therapy can slow the deterioration of language skills in people who have dementia and it can help individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to recognize and/or hum their favorite tunes even after they lose their speech abilities.

Motor Skills

Music and dancing go hand in hand, which means music therapy can get senior participants up, moving around and socializing. Even if patients lack the mobility to dance, they can still tap to the beat of the music or clap their hands.

Socialization Opportunities

Music therapy involves plenty of chances for seniors to interact with their therapists and other patients. The socialization opportunities that are inherently available in music therapy sessions can help seniors ward off feelings of being isolated, lonely or depressed, which can improve their physical health and sense of mental well-being.

Stress Management

People suffering from dementia don’t always handle changes to their daily routines well. Music therapy can help patients adjust to changes in a calm, non-aggressive manner.

Grief Management

Music therapists can help terminal patients transition to the afterlife in a more relaxed state by playing songs that reduce their physical pain and emotional distress. They can also help a patient’s family members manage their grief with the help of music by making a legacy gift of a CD that includes their dying loved one’s favorite songs or by composing a song that celebrates the patient’s life.

Elderly Companion Care by Advancare

Music therapy is often part of the elderly companion care we provide for seniors living throughout Miami-Dade County. If therapy sessions are held outside of the home, our team can transport you or your loved one to the appropriate medical facility whenever a music therapy session is scheduled.

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Grandparents Babysitting Grandchildren Could Lower Risk for Alzheimer’s

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Strength and Weight Training for Seniors

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This week, we will be focusing on weight training safety and techniques that are good for seniors. Some seniors, especially the ones that have been exercising consistently for a long period of time, may want to consider doing as much weight training as possible. Weight training is a great way to keep your muscles working and your blood flowing. Not only can it help your muscles, but it can also help your balance and coordination, so you can prevent a fall before it happens. Mixing weight training with cardio every week is a great way to balance out your routine. 

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Sports and Activities for the Active Senior

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We are back this week with some great activity and sports suggestions that will help you become a healthier and stronger senior. As we have stated in past blog posts, it is very important for everyone, especially seniors, to be as active as possible. There are many ways you can stay fit and active, and not all of them are very strenuous. Staying fit in your old age can add years to your life, but only if you maintain your goals and stay on track. Use your good health as proper motivation to keep it where it needs to be. The easiest way to do this is to make a proper routine, and we will help you do just that in future blog posts, so be sure to check back with us weekly. Now onto this weeks topic.

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