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Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson’s Disease Patients

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Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson's Disease Patients

Qualified In-Home Care Benefits Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Families can wind up feeling pretty overwhelmed when one of the family members suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. This brain disorder affects the individual’s ability to control their muscles, balance and movement. Although strides are being made in finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, and certain medications and treatments can help to minimize its symptoms, it’s important to consider qualified professional in-home care in order to meet the many challenges presented by a family member living with Parkinson’s Disease.

A skilled and compassionate caregiver can reduce the amount of stress and strain on other family members, in addition to giving peace of mind to the individual suffering from Parkinson’s that they know they have someone they can count on to make their home life as comfortable as possible. There are numerous benefits to having in-home care for a family member with Parkinson’s Disease.

An in-home caregiver can provide personal supervision for a person whose gait has become unsteady or who has issues with their balance due to Parkinson’s effect on their muscular coordination. This supervision can prevent slips, falls and accidents which only make a person’s health deteriorate even more. Another important benefit provided by home caregivers is consistent nutritious meal planning, since those with Parkinson’s Disease have special nutritional needs in order to keep their bones strong and their muscles healthy.

A person with Parkinson’s Disease usually needs one-on-one assistance with even the simplest daily chore or activity that most of us take for granted. An in-home caregiver can assist with everything from bathing and grooming needs to getting dressed, making a trip to the bathroom, getting outside for a short walk for exercise, and reducing the amount of challenges experienced while eating.

Another very important reason to use a home caregiver is to encourage the Parkinson’s patient to keep up with daily exercise routines designed to help maintain their balance, strength and mobility. Since many Parkinson’s Disease patients reach a point when they can no longer operate a motor vehicle, it is extremely helpful to have the services of a caregiver who can drive the individual to doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions or other places where they need to travel.

One of the most important benefits that professional in-home care provides is relief for the spouse or other family members from the daily demands that the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease presents. The individual with Parkinson’s feels like less of a burden and other family members won’t resent having to serve as a full-time nurse to a family member experiencing this difficult neurodegenerative disorder.

Caregiver for Long Weekends in Miami

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Caregiver for Long Weekends in Miami

Senior-Care-For-Long-WeekendsIf you are currently living in the Miami area with your family and you are thinking of taking a vacation but you have a family member who requires assistance at all times, consider the option of in home senior care while you are away out the house on vacation or traveling. Having a professional caregiver available to assist your loved one while you are away is a way for you to feel more secure and without stress any time you are out on business or even traveling on a family getaway.

What is a Caregiver?

An in home caregiver who works in the Miami area specializes in caring for individuals with both physical and mental disabilities that may make everyday tasks more difficult to complete. Caregivers are capable of providing patients with love, support, an open ear and assistance with getting dressed, taking care of one’s self and even bathing or maintaining hygiene. Caregivers are also able to help with cooking meals, preparing food for the week and ensuring the home is in order any time your loved one has been left alone or simply requires assistance for an upcoming long weekend when you plan to be out of town.

How to Find Senior Care for Your Household

Finding senior care in Miami is possible with the use of both local listings and business directories in addition to comparing the services and professionals you have available near you right from home, online. Comparing caregivers online can be done by reading real reviews and testimonials from patients and families who have worked with the caregivers themselves. Comparing different pricing, services offered as well as the type of licensing and certifications each caregiver has themselves individually is also highly advisable before selecting a professional to help with caring for your loved one when you are not available or when you are planning to go out of town.

Seeking out a caregiver for long weekends in Miami is a way to get a break from caring for your loved one on your own without the worry of leaving your loved one on their own when you are not home or available yourself. The more research you conduct before selecting the right in home care professional for your family member, the more at ease you are likely to feel when you are not present in your own home to care for your loved one.

Recovering: Is A Transition Process

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Recovering: Is A Transition Process

in-home-senior-careRecovering from an accident or illness at a hospital or convalescent home is not an easy thing–especially for those precious seniors in our lives. Furthermore, re-adjusting to a return to their home surroundings isn’t simple either. This is a transition process best managed by health-care professionals.

However, at Advancare, Miami’s premier senior home health-care agency, we know exactly what it takes to help make that senior transition process of coming home as effortless as possible for your elderly loved ones and for yourself as well.

Not everyone is professionally trained and skilled to help manage the many stressful situations that arise after coming home from a hospital stay. Medications, bathing, hygiene needs, minor house cleaning, monitoring of vitals and even companionship for your loved one all can be overwhelming as you struggle to attend to your job, career and/or educational needs.

With compassion, patience and knowing how to best manage and acclimate to different personalities, our Advancare in home senior care specialists get the job done for your family’s needs.

Our Advancare In Home Senior Care Services Include:

  • Light housecleaning
  • Meal preparations
  • Monitoring of medications
  • Going on errands
  • Accompanying persons to doctor offices and followup visits
  • Maintain communication with health-care professionals and the family

Our Reputation Assures Your Peace of Mind

As leading health caregivers Miami service providers, we know that having peace of mind is an absolute must for you and your family. Your love ones deserve only the best and we’re there to make sure they get it!

Stop Your Worrying Now

Now you can go confidently on with your daily routines knowing your elderly significant other is not alone to wander off or take a fall. Our highly qualified and certified in home senior care workers are there with them; constantly watching over them; and keeping them safe and content in their own familiar home surroundings.

Help when you need it–24 hours a day and seven days a week! We’ll be there right by your side helping your loved one from the senior transition process to full recovery.

Special People Deserve Special Care

Adapting our Advancare services to your particular needs during the senior transition process is no problem. Services to our clients with special medical concerns such as heart illness, pneumonia and most any stage of dementia-related illness is dealt with at the highest level of quality care available.

Stop the worries right now and let us take charge over an intimidating senior transition process! Call now for more information at our Advancare caregivers Miami office. That’s our mission, our passion and our job! And we’re good at it!

Senior Respite Care

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Senior Respite Care

Senior-Respite-CareSenior Respite Care – Many people enjoy taking care of their loved ones. However, caring for an aging loved one can be a very difficult task. This is especially true if one is working a full-time job and raising a family in addition to taking care of an aging loved one. It is estimated that there are 44 million people in America who are caring for an elderly family member.

Most caregivers have a lot of people who are depending on them. Caregivers often do not get a lot of time to themselves. However, it is important for everyone to take the time to care for their needs. Caring for another person is already very difficult, but this task will become even more of a burden if one does not get breaks. That is why many people are choosing senior respite care.

Senior respite care is often called short break care. The purpose of senior respite care in Miami is to take some of the stress off of caregivers. A professional caregiver can provide services to seniors inside of their home. Professional caregivers can help with tasks such as accompanying clients to dentist or doctor’s appointments, assisting with dressing and bathing as well as running errands. Professional caregivers may also participate in activities with their clients, such as playing a card game or completing a puzzle.

People who choose respite care for their loved one will be able to leave home knowing that their loved one will be cared for properly. It is very easy for you to arrange senior respite care in Miami for your loved one. You can arrange for your loved one to have respite care around-the-clock or for a few hours every week.

You may love taking care of your loved one, but it is important to avoid neglecting yourself. You have to give yourself a break, or you may suffer burnout. The stress of taking care of a loved one could possibly take a toll on your physical and mental health if you do not seek help. That is why it is a good idea to arrange respite care in Miami for your loved one. Respite care will make things easier for you and your loved one.

Paying for Senior Care in Miami

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Paying for Senior Care in Miami

Paying-for-Senior-Care-in-MiamiThe overall price of long-term care for senior citizens can vary depending on the type of care that is available in your local area and the amount of assistance that your loved one is in need of. There are care providers who can devote several hours per week to providing in-home care for seniors as well as trained nursing professionals who provide health care to residents of nursing homes. Many people believe that Medicare will cover all the costs of long-term care when it is needed. However, this type of coverage only pays for a selection of costs, leaving seniors or their loved ones to pay the remainder of the bill.

It is estimated that senior care in Miami costs around $6,000 per month at a facility with a 24-hour nursing staff on hand. In-home care can be significantly less, however the costs will vary depending on the level of care required. There are a few options for paying for long-term care expenses. Medicare will pay for some services but you will have to supplement for the left over costs. If you qualify for Medicaid, it can help cover some of the costs. Other resources include Veterans Administration benefits, long-term care insurance, and out of pocket funds from savings, retirement funds and other assets.

Paying for Senior Care in Miami with Medicare, Medicaid and Other State Programs

Medicare will pay for the cost of long-term care, but only for a limited time. If a patient needs to stay in a nursing home or similar facility immediately after leaving the hospital, Medicare will pay for short-term care up to 100 days. They will also pay for physician prescribed home health care for a short amount of time as well as occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical-related social services, and personal care assistance.

Medicaid is the largest pay of long-term care and will pay for nursing home care and other expenses that Medicare does not cover. It can also cover some in-home care services. Anyone who receives SSI income is likely to qualify for Medicaid insurance. Those who have a low income and limited assets are also more likely to receive Medicaid coverage. Adults who do not qualify for Medicaid can try applying for state programs that will help cover the costs of their health care.

Coverage for Senior Care Services from Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance plans can be very expensive, however they allow seniors to pay the costs of their health care without digging into their life savings. Adults over the age of 55 can be expected to pay more than $2,000 per year for $162,000 in benefits. If you earn a good income and have managed your finances well, this type of insurance plan can be very beneficial. Unfortunately it is not for everyone and some policies may not cover all the costs of extended care, which will leave you paying the remainder of your health care fees. If you are interested in this type of policy, it is best to speak with a financial planner so that they can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

How In-Home Senior Care Services can affect Your Finances

For many, in-home care from family members may seem like the most reasonable choice for everyone involved. But when you consider the amount of time that is required to provide around the clock care for a loved one, this option can quickly become more expensive than you may think. Many family members may reduce their hours at work or quit their job altogether in order to take care of their elderly relative. As a caregiver, you must be available at all times to run errands , schedule doctor appointments, pay bills, and clean the house. Most family care givers resort to hiring an in-home professional care provider to help restore balance in their lives. This can end up being one of the most expensive options of all, and that is why it is so important for family members to understand what they are getting into before they make this type of commitment.

Learn the Facts About Paying for Senior Care in Miami

If you are concerned about long-term health care for yourself in the future and how you will pay for the cost of quality care, you should take the time to learn more about your options and speak with an expert about what choice would be the best for you both personally and financially. Being prepared is a great way to ensure that you will receive the best possible care and be able to live a happy and healthy life.

The Benefit Of Having Caregivers At Home

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The Benefit Of Having Caregivers At Home

In home senior carePeople who seek the aid of Advancare Senior Services caregivers for their elderly parent or loved one do so for a myriad of reasons. Of course, their primary concern is that the important seniors in their life are cared for when they themselves are unable to provide round the clock service. To help you to determine whether or not to invest in caregiver services at home for your elderly parent or loved one, here are the benefits of having caregivers at home.

Eliminate Worry – If you are too busy to provide the aid that your older parent or loved one needs to live comfortably and happily, the aid of a professional caregiver can eliminate your worry and stress. When you hire caregivers at home services, you can eliminate your worry that your elderly relative is receiving the care they need.

Professional and Quality Services – No one wants to bring on the aid of caregiver services at home if they don’t feel that they can trust the people who will be caring for their elderly relative. Our team of professional caregivers understand the complexities involved in caring for an elderly person and they provide professional care that you can trust. Furthermore, our team is ready to properly deal with any medical conditions or special requests that you may have for your elderly parent or relative.

Companionship – Beyond dealing with your parent or loved one’s basic needs, the aid of a professional caregiver provides your senior with the companionship that they both crave and need. Your senior loved one will enjoy the daily interaction that their caregiver will provide, eliminating the loneliness that many seniors often experience. Your caregiver and your loved one will form a bond and a rapport, ensuring that your loved one gets daily conversation and companionship.

Keep Your Loved One In Their Home – With the help of at home caregiver services, you don’t need to put your senior parent or relative into a nursing home. They will be able to stay in their home, healthfully and happily, which can be an immense blessing for elderly people who do not wish to relocate.

Advancare Senior Services provides caregiver services that will not only take care of your elderly parent or loved one’s basic medical and daily care needs, but that will also provide them with companionship and you with ease of mind.

How To Prevent Hearing Loss In Miami Seniors

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Hearing Loss in Miami Seniors: How Can You Prevent Hearing Loss As You Age

senior-hearing-lossMillions of people in America suffer from hearing loss and deafness. Senior citizens are some of the victims of hearing loss. This condition can be caused by many factors including ear blockage and diseases among others. The most common cause of hearing loss among the elderly is prolonged exposure to noise. Many young people do not notice the effects of loud music and suffer from premature hearing loss later in their lives.

Causes of Hearing loss among Senior Citizens
Seniors make up about a third of hearing-impaired people. Hearing loss as a result of age is known as presbycusis. When people age, the structure of their ears becomes elastic making it less sensitive to sound. Usually, the effects of hearing loss due to aging are noticeable from the age of 50.

Prolonged exposure to noise can lead to hearing loss. The effects of noise on hearing are worse among senior citizens. Noise induced hearing loss can be caused by regular exposure to noisy machinery, music, television sets, home theaters and traffic among other factors.

How to Prevent Hearing Loss in seniors
• Go for regular ear exams in a licensed medical institution. Testing is important whether you feel you suffer from hearing loss or not.

• Protect your hearing by avoiding prolonged exposure to loud noises. Avoid places such as theme parks and sporting events where you are likely to encounter uncomfortably loud noises. Wear ear protection if you cannot avoid going to such places. Make sure you carry a pair of foam plugs wherever you go because it may be hard to tell when you will be exposed to loud noises.

• Seniors who have been diagnosed with hearing loss, even if moderate, should go for treatment right away. This will help prevent permanent hearing loss. If your Miami doctor prescribes hearing aids, it is important that you follow this suggestion to slow down the progression of hearing loss.

• Hearing aids help save your hearing. Consider wearing digital hearing aids that can adjust automatically. Hearing aids with automatic adjustments can help you to protect your ears from damaging sounds. In addition, this type of hearing aid ensures that you get the right amount of restored sounds required by your brain.

The worst thing you can do when suffering from hearing loss is nothing. If you think you have hearing loss, consult a licensed healthcare professional. Our senior caregivers in Miami can help you with making that connection as well as any regular practices recommended by your doctor. Call (305) 441-9794today and find out how Advancare’s in-home care services can be of help.

How Caregivers Can Help with Dementia

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How Caregivers Can Help with Dementia

Senior-GardeningCaregivers of individuals who have dementia face many challenges, but there are some simple yet effective tools they can use to make their task easier and the lives of their loved ones more enjoyable. By using these methods, caregivers will likely find that they can significantly reduce any stress and anxiety they experience while also enhancing the quality of life of the person with dementia.

Be flexible. Conversing with people who have dementia can be a roller coaster ride, so be flexible. If the person believes you are someone else or insists on seeing someone who is no longer alive, for example, say you will find that person for them and then gently divert their attention to another topic.

Be creative. Many people with dementia find comfort in creative activities, such as painting, drawing, molding clay, making jewelry, or doing collages. Choose crafts that match their interest and abilities and that do not involve tools that may be dangerous.

• Save memories. Since people with dementia usually remember events and people from their past, work together on assembling a scrapbook or similar project of their memories. This activity may include pictures, mementos, written stories, videos, and music.

Know the person’s limitations. Select activities that take into consideration people’s physical challenges (e.g., poor eyesight or hearing, mobility), energy level, and their response to time of day (i.e., sundowner’s syndrome).

Ask for help. People like to feel they are needed, so try to include them in activities by asking for their assistance. For example, if you are making a cake, ask them to stir the batter.

Play in the dirt. Planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, and caring for plants can be very soothing and therapeutic. Consider planting a small flower bed or garden if it is feasible.

Enjoy nature. Take walks outdoors or sit outside and talk about your surroundings. Research shows that getting back to nature is an important therapeutic tool for people who are suffering with dementia.

Stay positive. Although it may be difficult at times to maintain a positive attitude, doing so can help people with dementia remain calm. Do take care of yourself, however, by seeking respite and maintaining a support system.

The ultimate goal when choosing activities for people with dementia is to keep them enjoyable, stress-free (for both them and you) and simple. If you keep this in mind, everyone involved can have a pleasant experience. Advancare will be able to provide with a trained staff that will be ready to attend to your senior care services.

Coping with Solitude

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Caregiver Elderly CareGrowing old is as inevitable as death and some people experience the worst situations in their life. There comes a point in everyone’s life where one reaches an age one can no longer continue to live as happily as the rest of the younger people. Thinking of it is depressing enough especially when you consider all the other things that come with age, like declining health.

Loneliness And Senior Cares Services

You would hope that when you reach your “twilight years” you have someone to share that time with you, but often times, people grow old alone either in their own homes or in retirement villages. When you have your health to consider you will have to think about getting an in home senior care service provider. With children away and continuously declining health, you will realize at some point that you do need someone to help you around the house, besides administering to your health, a senior home care service provider can ward off the loneliness that comes with being old and alone. Loneliness and old age seem to go together, and places that offer senior care services always incorporate health care with activities to keep the elderly occupied.

What the statistics say?

According to the latest statistics, the U.S. 10 million elderly people suffer from solitude. Loneliness can be so bad; it might bring about suicidal thoughts in about 16% of people who are over the age of 65. Loneliness is brought by boredom and monotony. Loneliness can bring about feelings of worthlessness, an emotion that can be dispelled by having a hobby or being involved in activities that are worthwhile to people other than yourself.

When loneliness turns into depression?

The subject of loneliness makes experts of everyone who has an opinion about anything. Having company helps but the truth of the matter is that loneliness can be an emotional matter that demands your dealing with the solutions on your own, and in your own way. Having company help, even if it’s for a little while and if you have an in home senior care service provider, you could have the company you need. Some of the frustrations that come with loneliness are brought on by the simple lack of companionship. When loneliness results in depression then you should seek professional counseling.

Anxiety Problems in Seniors

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elderly careOld age is something that a lot of people dread; it is something that is inevitable and not easy to deal with.  There are hundreds of nursing homes and old-age care centers that provide physical health and emotional problems and a few caregivers in Miami offer solutions that deal with anxiety and depression. Anxiety in seniors can be supported in two forms, psychotherapy that involves drug treatment or one that simply involves talk therapy.

So which of these two therapies is most effective? Effectiveness depends on the level and degree of anxiety. Some people might be too far-gone to hope that just talking about it will help; this is where the use of anti-anxiety drugs would be more beneficial. Some people might really be suffering from loneliness for which there is no better drug than having people to talk to. When considering home care agencies, look for those that engage patients in some form of activity that keep their minds occupied as much as they keep their bodies in shape and in good health.

Home care agencies that consider that the elderly need more than health care, but emotional health as well, will incorporate counseling either on a one-on-one basis or as a group activity. For elderly in home care, one needs a caregiver who understands the complexities and emotional aspects of growing old and finding themselves alone.  For a caregiver, it is imperative that they establish a rapport with their elderly patients to help them deal with feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression.

According to a study conducted by the U.S National Institute of Mental Health, 25% of elderly people whether they are receiving elderly in home care services or not will experience some sort of emotional problem that they might need to treat with drugs. Depression and anxiety are the foremost mental/ emotional issues that the elderly will have to deal with, and caregivers need to know how to deal with these issues.

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